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Caterease is the world’s leading provider of catering and event planning software – taking care of the details so you have time to do what you do best.

Book events in minutes, create stunning proposals – simplify your workday! Powerful, yet easy to use. Schedule a demo today!

The One Catering & Event Planning Software You’ll Never Outgrow.

While other catering software or event planning software programs can only take you so far, Caterease is the one full-featured program that has all the tools you need for the business you have today and the business you want tomorrow.

Save Time

Manage Events

Maximize Sales

Track Revenue

Any Device. Anytime. Anywhere.

Get instant access to the important information you need whenever and wherever you need it. Caterease keeps you connected!


“Caterease offers all the tools we need to build proposals, beo’s, contracts, invoices, etc. It helps us manage our financial viability with the reporting tools it offers as well as prospecting new clients. Caterease offers ongoing training and new tips to help maximize the program to its fullest potential. I would recommend Caterease to any company offering catering services from an off-site caterer to any on site facility.”

Tera Greenwood
Service Systems Associates

Grow Your Business with Custom Web Forms!

Web Inquiry

Capture leads using custom, branded forms on your company’s website, and process those new leads and prospective events into Caterease instantly!

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It’s Your Image

You care about your catering or event planning business’s image. Why cheapen it with canned, unattractive, uninspiring prints and emails offered in other software?

Caterease lets you control your event prints. Choose from several attractive templates or design them from scratch. Include whatever details you want. Create the prints you want the way you want them.

Remember: It’s your image. Don’t trust it to anything less than Caterease.

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Are You A Current Customer? Stay Connected.


“We are continuing to customize Caterease and are amazed each day that we ever managed without it. It has become essential.”

“You guys rock! I am glad I have a partner like you. Thank you for all the help.”

“Caterease is an essential part of building catering sales. The ability to customize prints, menus, and events is a must for both small and large scale caterers. We would recommend Caterease to anyone looking to develop their sales process and deliver an efficient catering service.”

“We are so appreciative of the Caterease help team for being so responsive every time we email in!!! Thank you for all you do!”