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Standard Functionality
Enter and manage all client and event information easily. 
Optional Program Add-Ins
Add modules (add-ins and interfaces) beyond those that come with a particular package.
Default Menu Management
Maintain all details of custom default menus – including detailed descriptions, images, prices, overall costs and more.
Customizable Event Prints
Create a custom library of front-of-house or back-of-house prints.
Customizable Screen Displays
Add, remove and rearrange fields and other screen elements to reflect your workflow.
User Defined Fields
Create custom fields to manage specific information you need to track.
Dynamic Event Wizard
Book events in a snap with a handy, customizable wizard.
Event Calendar
Easily view activity in graphic, day/month/week at-a-glance calendar display.
Customizable Queries
Analyze any details about your business with customizable, exportable results.
Cost/Profit Analysis
Track the cost and profit of any event or group of events. 
(Note: Standard and Professional allow costing on a menu item ingredient level.)
Easy Payment Processing
Easily process payments or send payment links/authorization links to customers.
Event Copying
Quickly duplicate events to one or more dates to capture repeat business.
Event Checklist
Build a custom list of to-do items for each event with responsible parties and due dates.
Pop-Up Reminders
Create pop-up reminders so you never forget important tasks.
History Notes
Keep a running history of all activity for any client or any event.
Program Security
Establish detailed, granular permissions for individuals or groups of users.
Conditional Required Fields
Make fields conditionally required based on specific criteria.
Client Import
Use a handy wizard tool to quickly import client lists and avoid repetitive data-entry 
Localization of Date/Currency Formats
Have date and currency formats automatically adjusted based on your computer settings.
Multiple/Batch Printing
Generate any number of prints for any number of parties instantly!
Batch Payment Processing
Process card payments in batch for any group of events.
Batch Edits
Edit multiple menu items or event general event details in batch.
Item Inventory
Receive an automatic warning concerning inventory of equipment and other reusable items.
Email Templates
Create custom merge emails complete with any number of attachments.
Audit Trail
Track changes made to events, when they were made and by whom.
Menu Item Ingredients
Create detailed lists of ingredients and “sub-recipes” for menu items.
Menu Item Required Items (Packing List)
Link specific equipment to menu items to have packing lists automatically accumulated and quantified.
Staffing/Shift Management
Set shift wizard rules to determine necessary number of staff and schedule employees while avoiding conflicts.
Automatic Change Notifications
Have automatic, conditional notifications of changes sent to yourself or your team.
Automatic Deposit Schedule
Create conditional deposit schedules to automatically determine due dates and amounts.
Saved Filters
Track any information by creating custom filters to show only records that are important to you in any moment.
Saved Grid Views
Have one-click access to custom reports by saving grid results to show any details grouped and sorted in any way.
Multiple Custom Event Wizards
Make it easy to book any type of event you need with multiple custom Event Wizard layouts.
Related Files
Attach external files (.pdf, .xlsx, .docx, images, etc.) to events, clients or employees.
Copying Menu Items
Select one or multiple items and copy them from event to event.
Data Archiving
Move old events to an archive for easier reference and restore to your active database at any time.
Remote Data Import
Import general sales details from previous events or third-party applications for more accurate financial reporting.
Batch Emailing
Instantly generate dynamic merge emails – complete with attachments – to any number of clients or events.
Batch Shift Management
Select and manage employees for multiple events and shifts from one handy window.
Applying Payment to Multiple Events
Process a large, lump-sum payment for an account to all or many of its multiple events.
Combining Duplicate Accounts
Easily combine duplicate clients to avoid confusion and complication.
Managing Scheduled Event Items
Reserve related items (tables, delivery vans, bowling lanes, etc.) in conjunction with your events.
Enhanced Security Settings
Disable access to specific reports and queries rather than “all reports” or “all queries”.
Enhanced Querying Tools
Access powerful queries to track sub-event details, staffing, ingredients, required items and payments – rather than simple quick-access reports.
Saved Grid View/Filter Combinations
Combine custom grid views and custom filters into one saved “Layout” to easily access any information you need.
Copying Custom Items to Default Menus
Add custom items to an event and then copy them into your default menus.
Copying Default Menus
Copy entire menus – including ingredients, packing lists and other details.
Copying Prints
Copy custom prints or merge documents to easily have multiple documents with slight variations.
Commission Splitting
Split event commission for multiple representatives.
Site Location Required Items
Assign a custom list of necessary equipment items to be packed up for any of your various site locations.
Closed Dates
Establish dates or days of the week for which events cannot be booked.


$25/mo (each)

billed annually

Build the perfect package for your team and enhance your program’s core functionality with any of these optional add-ins and interfaces.

Banquet Rooms

Get automatic warnings of any conflicts with event space – including guest capacity or availability.
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Prospect Manager
Manage your prospective leads and create proposals separate from your active list of clients and events.
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Web Inquiry
Have your customers fill out a custom form on your website to submit themselves into your program as new inquiries.
(One Time $200 Setup Fee)
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Guestrooms Manager
Block and track a group of sleeping rooms associated with any event.
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Document Builder
Create completely custom layouts for front-of-house or back-of-house event prints.
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