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Easy wizard tools, online dashboards, customizable prints and reports – Caterease is the solution you need to help your business grow.

Event Booking Wizards

Easy, customizable wizards take the work and the worry out of booking new events! 

Seamlessly Manage Customers

Handy Task Management

Pop-up reminders and history notes help you keep track of important tasks!

Handy Task Management

Customizable Event Prints

Print designing tools let you build a custom library of front of hour or back of house prints. 

Custom Event Print

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Payment Processing And Embedded Banking:

The easiest way to collect and manage your money


Comprehensive payment processing via card, ACH, Google Pay. 

HPay Features Page


An embedded bank account for instant fund access and easy bill pay. 

HFinance Features Page

**Caterease is not a bank. Banking services are provided through our bank partner, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA; Member FDIC**

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