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Caterease Response To COVID – 19

Introducing Our New Quick-Order Manager

We are introducing a brand new Quick-Order manager for managing pickup and delivery orders – and will be providing it free for all users through July 1 to help you through this crisis.

Introducing Our New Quick-Order Manager

We are introducing a brand new Quick-Order manager for managing pickup and delivery orders – and will be providing it free for all users through July 1 to help you through this crisis.

Save Time
Book events in minutes, create stunning
proposals – simplify your workday. 
Manage Events
Quickly and easily manage all details of
even the most complicated events.
Maximize Sales
Increase efficiency, improve productivity
and convert leads faster. 
Why Caterease?

With all the tools you need to manage your business, Caterease is the only solution that will not leave you wanting more.

Book Events in Moments
Customizable booking wizards make the process as quick and efficient as possible.
Generate Custom Prints
Two print designing tools give you complete control over your company’s image.
Manage Tasks and Record Correspondences
The Contact Manager add-in lets you create pop-up reminders and time-stamped history notes.
Easily Track Information
Flexible reports and customizable query tools puts any information at your fingertips.
Create Automatic Packing Lists
Custom equipment lists are automatically retrieved and quantified with each menu item.
Build Recipes and Sub-Recipes
Any ingredient items are retrieved and quantified as you select menu items.
Perfect For Every Industry
While other catering software or event planning software programs can only take you so far, Caterease is the one full-featured program that has all the tools you need for the business you have today and the business you want tomorrow.

Our Work Process

Caterease lets you create your own custom process using our powerful, flexible tools.
Collect Inquiries
Design attractive, custom, branded web forms so customers can submit their details directly into your Caterease program, and use customizable wizard tools to quickly and easily convert those inquiries into events.
Manage All Details
Menu selection tools automatically retrieve detailed packing lists and recipes with each item you select, staffing wizards allow you to quickly and easily designate staff and automatic conflict checking ensures no detail is overlooked.
Inform Customers and Back of House Staff
Create limitless, custom email templates that include desired email addresses, custom merge subjects and merge letters and any number of unique attachments – so detailed, custom email correspondences are a mouse click away.
Send Links for Payment
Use our partnership with Vantiv/Worldpay to create custom payment links that can be emailed to customers individually or in batch.
Track Valuable Information
Flexible reports, customizable query tools and powerful online and mobile tools allow easy access to any information based on a variety of criteria – so any answers to any questions are a mouse click away.


There’s a reason more than 50,000 users worldwide have chosen Caterease Software. In fact, there are several.
See for yourself why Caterease Software is the only solution for your busy event planning needs.
Choose one of our gorgeous templates or build your own layout. No other program gives you control over your prints.

Caterease offers powerful enterprise-level tools that make it the perfect solution for multi-location corporations.

Mobile App
Have all of your important information in the palm of your hand with the powerful Caterease mobile app.

In addition to three separate levels of our robust, state-of-the-art program, you can choose from a variety of add-in modules and interfaces for enhanced functionality.
Increase In Client Communication
Increase In Event Order Creation
Increase In Converting Leads To Proposals
Increase In Streamlined Processes
What To Expect

Just to name a few things you may experience with Caterease

An Increase In Streamlined Processes
An Increase In Converting Leads To Proposals
An Increase In Event Order Creation
An Increase In Client Communication
Increase In Leads
Hours/Week Saved
Decrease In Paper Trail
More Events Booked/Month
Tera Greenwood
Service Systems Associate

Caterease offers all the tools we need to build proposals, beo’s, contracts, invoices, etc. It helps us to manage our financial viability with the reporting tools it offers as well as protecting new clients. Caterease offers ongoing training and new tips to maximize the program to its fullest potential. I would recommend Caterease to any company offering catering services from an off-site caterer to any on-site facility.

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