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How To Crush Your Catering Event This Memorial Day Weekend


Memorial Day is around the corner, and it means one thing for restaurant owners and event planners:
catering events are about to go into high gear. With people celebrating the holiday with friends and
family, it’s essential to make sure your catering event is successful and delivers an excellent experience
to all customers. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to crush your catering event this Memorial Day
weekend and deliver a remarkable experience to your customers.


Plan, Plan, and Plan!

The key to a successful catering event is proper planning. You need to start planning weeks before the
event and ensure everything is in place. Start by creating a checklist of everything you need and ensure
you don’t miss anything. Make sure you have enough staff, equipment, food, and drinks to cater to the
expected number of people. To ensure everything runs smoothly, you should also create a timeline
outlining the sequence of events. This will make sure everyone knows their duties and when to
complete them to keep everything going on schedule.


Offer a Fantastic Menu

The menu is the heart of the event, and when planning your Memorial Day catering event, you need to
focus on creating a fantastic one. With warmer weather and the holiday spirit, people are looking for
food that is fun and energetic to match their mood. Create a menu that features all the classic favorites
like BBQ ribs, burgers, hot dogs, and corn on the cob. Low-carb and vegetarian options are also a wise
addition to ensure everyone’s dietary restrictions are catered to. Remember to add fun and colorful
refreshments to the mix, like refreshing flavored lemonades, iced teas, or other personalized cocktails.


Top-Notch Service

No matter how great the food is, it won’t count if the service is terrible. To crush your catering event, you
need to ensure that the service you provide is top-notch. Your customers need to feel catered to and if
possible, offer them a personalized experience. Right from the moment guests arrive at the event, make
sure to greet them warmly and offer them a refreshing drink to start the event. Ensure correct table
service and remove dishes and drinks that have been consumed quickly. The key is to ensure that your
customers are always comfortable and enjoying the experience.


Enjoyable Entertainment

A memorable catering event includes enjoyable entertainment depending on the occasion. For Memorial
Day, the entertainment could include things like live music, fun games, or fun arts and crafts areas. Kids,
in particular, will have a better time when there are engaging activities present. With a variety of
entertainment for all ages, expect your guests to stay around long after the food has run out where they
connect with others enjoying the day and foster new relationships.


The Importance of Feedback

After the event, make sure to collect feedback from your customers. Ask them what they loved and what
they didn’t like so much. These inputs are beneficial as they give you a constructive future direction,
improving food, drinks, service, and every other aspect of your catering business. Analyze your feedback
and share the feedback with your team to ensure that the issues are not repeated in future events.
Consistently getting feedback can fully streamline the experience for all your future catering events.


If you can plan effectively, get a well-laid-out menu, offer top-notch services, have enjoyable
entertainment, and collect feedback, then you’ll have all the ingredients to crush your catering event this
Memorial Day weekend. Remember, the key to an unforgettable memory is to ensure that everyone,
including your customers, has a positive experience that they would like to share and participate in
future catering events.