Caterease v22 is the latest revolutionary update from this industry-leading program, packed with exciting new features including:

64-Bit Architecture

Caterease is now designed as a fully 64-bit application for improved compatibility and enhanced performance.

HPay Payment Processing

With the backing of Chase Bank, HPay Payment Processing lets you process and manage card payments directly in your Caterease program. Process payments and even refunds quickly and easily from any event, quick order or group room booking using tokenized cards on file or a unique, one-time card.

Customer Payment Link

Caterease v21 comes with a brand new look to match the absolute latest in Microsoft Office products.  Many colorful themes also offer a dark theme alternative.

Chase Bank Payment Dashboard

The handy Payment Dashboard from Chase Bank allows you to review and manage all HPay payment activity quickly and easily in a powerful browser portal.

Booked Items Query

Caterease is now designed as a fully 64-bit application for improved compatibility and enhanced performance.

Contact Management Security

Two new security settings allow you to control which users are allowed to edit existing contact people’s information or even access Contact Manager at all.

Duplicate Contact/Account Checking

When you add a new contact person or account, the program now searches for possible duplicates by any of the following criteria:
• First and Last Name Match (Contact Person)
• Client and City and St/Prov Match (Account)
or Telephone Match (Contact Person and Account)
or Email Match (Contact Person and Account)

Matches are displayed in red if that particular contact/account was originated in a different location of a multi-location enterprise, and shaded in light green if the record is shared.

Custom Colors for Quickpicks

Quickpick items that allow colors can now use any custom colors you desire.

Quick Order Scheduler

Quick orders can now be displayed in your scheduler calendar in the same place that events are shown – in the various day-, week-, work-week-, month- and year at a glance views.

Multi Footer Summaries in Grids

You can now display multiple summaries below any column in a grid, as opposed to only one. For example, show any combination of Sum, Average, Count, etc. for any detail displayed in the grid.

Inventory Conflicts Report

The handy Event Conflicts report now allows you to include events with inventory conflicts, in addition to the existing Banquet Room or Staffing conflict options.

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