Caterease v21 is the latest revolutionary update from this industry-leading program, packed with exciting new features including:

Updated User Interface

All graphics throughout the program have been updated to mirror the slick, clean look of the absolute latest Microsoft products.  In addition, a handy new option saves the most recent drop-down position of all ribbon tabs so your favorite tools are easier to access!

Navigation Bar Enhancements

The navigation bar on the left side of the screen now offers three optional styles, and is collapsible in all three styles.


Caterease v21 comes with a brand new look to match the absolute latest in Microsoft Office products.  Many colorful themes also offer a dark theme alternative.

Startup Wizard

A handy new wizard tool optionally opens automatically when you start your program and guides you through all of the important aspects of your day – reviewing your calendar, booking a new party, reviewing recent parties and more.

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Personally Identifiable Information Management

Caterease v21 introduces an all-new Contact Manager for managing all information pertaining to your contact people.  With this powerful new tool, personally identifiable information (PII) will only exist in one place and be easily and instantly “forgotten”.  All information is seamlessly copied over from your previous version, and day-to-day features are barely impacted.  A handy consolidation tool allows you to combine any duplicate records that might have been created in your previous version.

Menu Items Modifiers

The new Modifier Manager allows you to create detailed modifier sets and assign various rules and properties. For example, you can create a modifier set called “Temperature” to indicate how your meat dishes should be cooked (“Rare”, “Medium”, “Well”, etc.) and have the program flag you if you fail to make a selection. Or you could create modifier sets for common options such as dipping sauces, dressings, cheese choices or side dishes – even having one choice selected by default and extra charges for others. You can even include existing menu items in your modifier sets for other items – for example, “French Fries” as a standalone side dish or as a modifier for another item.

Online Customer Portal

Share details from your events directly with the customer through our live online customer portal. Choose to share specific prints or other files with the customer, allow them to sign off on party details and even chat back and forth about specifics. Changes within your program are updated in real time for the customer to see in an instant!

User Defined Formula Fields

Create custom fields to perform calculations on various financial details, or even combine multiple financial fields into a custom formula. Have the program determine a specific percentage of your event total, for example – or have it add just the food and beverage amounts and perform a custom calculation from there. Choose to display these fields on your screen or even optionally insert them into prints.

Quick Order Enhancements

Our popular new manager for handling quick-service pickup and delivery orders now offers easy access to your custom Document Builder prints, as well as the powerful “multi-print” window you’ve likely used in your Event Manager.