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V21 Update

We are preparing to release our exciting new update, Caterease v21, which includes such handy new tools as personally identifiable information management, user-defined formula fields, full menu item modifier management, an online customer portal, slick graphic updates and more.

There are a few important aspects:

  • All credit card number storage is removed from the program. In an effort to maintain the security of your customer’s information and to comply with important PCI regulations, we have removed all previously existing credit card number fields. (This excludes tokens shared through our Vantiv/WorldPay integration.) 

Important: If you have any card numbers stored in these fields, that information will be removed with this update. Caterease works with merchant services such as WorldPay to handle card information through tokens; credit card storage directly in Caterease is not compliant with current regulations.

  • Personal information of contact people is being moved.To conform with ongoing concerns regarding personally identifiable information (PII), v21 introduces a new manager that allows all contact person details to be stored in one place only. Our developers have done an exceptional job respecting existing features so you will notice very little day-to-day difference.
  • Important: The previous version of the program caused you to enter the same contact information in multiple places. This update uses a sophisticated script to consolidate these names so that they only exist once in the new Contact Manager; however, variations in spellings of names and other information will cause duplicates to be created. A handy tool is included in the update to combine these duplicate contacts.
  • Some screen displays might be reset. Contact Manager has been completely repurposed in this update to manage contact person information (see bullet above). Reminders/history notes are now part of a feature called “Touch Management”. The only other screen areas reset by this update are the grid along the left side of Event Manager and the financial details at the top right of Event Manager.
  • Important: Although most program areas are untouched by this update, it is a good practice to save any custom screen layouts you have created so they can be easily restored at any time. Click here to learn more.

If you have any questions, please contact Caterease Support at: help@caterease.com.