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Caterease Training Team Expands Regional Class Offerings

Caterease Software, the leading provider of software for the catering and event planning industry, recently announced expanded offerings for its popular two – day regional training class. With nationwide and international sales of the program continuing to grow, the company has responded by hiring additional trainers and adding more training classes to their roster.

“Although private on – site classes continue to be in high demand, our regional classes are becoming increasingly popular as customers seek ways to learn in a group environment and bounce ideas off of other Caterease users”, says Robyn Deering, Caterease Training Coordinator. “As a result, we have increased our regional class selection dramatically. For 2015, we have averaged at least one regional class per month, and have covered the entire country from Naples, FL to Seattle, WA – and many, many places in between.”

“Additionally,” Deering continues, “we have already scheduled multiple classes across the country for 2016, as well.”

“Regional classes are an excellent way for Caterease users to get access to a live, certified Caterease trainer with minimal travel and expense”, says senior trainer George Rowe, who alone will spend approximately 40 weeks on the road this year. “While a private, on-site class has appeal to many customers, regional classes offer a unique learning opportunity in a fun group setting. It’s no wonder they fill up so fast!”

In addition to the increased training schedule, the Caterease team has hired additional trainers and will also soon be implementing a special “Advanced Topics” one-day class as an option for their regional gatherings. “We are currently evaluating topics for the advanced class,” Deering explains. “There are already many things to discuss, and that list will surely grow with the upcoming release of our powerful v16 update.”

According to Deering, the “Advanced Topics” class will be offered as an optional “third day” at Caterease regional trainings beginning early next year. “Students will have several options,” Deering points out. “They can sign up for all three days, opt for the first two only or they can choose to only attend the advanced class on day three. Essentially, each student can be sure to get exposed to the right information to help his or her business utilize the program effectively.”

For more information, or to find out about Caterease training opportunities near you, contact Caterease Sales at 800.863.1616