801 Orchid Drive Naples, FL 34102

New Caterease Headquarters a Local Marvel

Earlier this month, the team at Caterease Software relocated to a brand new corporate headquarters in Naples, FL. Although the new location is barely over a mile away from their previous one, the two buildings could not be further apart in terms of space, technology and future potential.

Built from the ground up at a prestigious location in the heart of downtown Naples, the new building was the talk of the town and the subject of local newspaper articles throughout the course of its development. Designed by local architect Matthew Kragh and his firm MHK Architecture, the structure is a stunning blend of elegant form and corporate function. Beautiful Italian stonework accents both the front and rear, and gorgeous landscape design ensures the building fits in perfectly with the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Balconies on both the front and back of the building allow visitors and employees to enjoy alternating views of the adjacent city park and the mesmerizing afterglows that only a sunset into the Gulf of Mexico can provide.

The inside of the building also offers the perfect combination of comfort and convenience. Designed by the appropriately named local company Inspired Interiors, executive offices boast striking mahogany desks and cabinetry, and the over-sized conference room upstairs rests impressively behind a long glass wall – an incredible 12-foot conference table and 90-inch television on full display. A training room on the lower level with retractable screen and HD projector gives a nod to the seriousness of the business at hand, while a lobby area upstairs with pool table, leather recliners and a second 90-inch TV offers a hint of the playful whimsy software companies are often known for.

Of course, the jewel in this corporate crown is the huge, state-of-the-art data center that sits in a mezzanine hovering like a protective shield over most of the second floor. A marvel of both architectural and technological design, this facility is a secure cement bunker in the middle of the building built to withstand the worst Mother Nature can deliver. The only HIPPA
-compliant data center in Southwest Florida, it is supported by a generator that is roughly the size of a Mack truck and is upgradable to a full megawatt of power. The entire complex is a technophile’s Disneyland.

More than just much-needed extra space, the new corporate office for Caterease Software is a bold statement about the potential of the company’s future. Expectations of continued growth and focus on hosted technologies have had a large influence on the structure’s design, along with a deep respect for the surrounding residential charm and Southwest Florida beauty. The result is a building worthy of not only the company’s pride, but that of the Naples community as well – one that will continue to be the subject of local conversations for years to come