Touch Management

Touch management

Never forget another appointment or task again with the handy Caterease Touch Management System!

Create handy pop-up reminders for important tasks – as well as detailed history notes of things you’ve already done!

Pop-Up Reminders

Create reminders that pop-up on your screen to help you remember important tasks and appointments. Just like with Microsoft Outlook, reminders can be set for any data and time – and can be assigned to any Caterease user. And, also like Outlook, you can dismiss or snooze the reminders with just a mouse click.

Detailed History Notes

Create history notes – automatically data and time stamped – of tasks you have already completed, and track these notes easily with various querying and reporting tools. Even optionally have the program create history notes automatically when you perform such common tasks as sending emails to your customers.

Contact Management and Tracking

Instantly track all history notes and reminders using flexible query and reporting tools. Track based on date, based on user or a variety of other related details. Even manage reminders in a graphic calendar display – alternatively opting to create personal reminders on the fly for any date and time!

With its user-friendly design and its powerful tracking and reporting tools, the Caterease Touch Management System is the perfect addition to an already powerful program.