Prospect Manager

Prospect Manager

The Caterease Prospect Manager allows you to market specifically to prospective leads, and guide them through the entire selling process. Rather than having a large list of prospects scattered throughout your database of active customers (and “Prospective” events throughout your active parties), the Prospect Manager acts as a separate “receptacle” to store those leads – allowing you to prepare proposals, send custom quotes and ultimately convert your leads into sales.

Total Lead Management

Add or even import any number of prospective leads, and manage their statuses, track necessary next actions and easily report on any information. Call leads or email individually (or – in the Professional version – in batch) and then instantly make a detailed history note that is automatically date and time stamped. Add the Marketing Tools Package to create custom email merge letters, and hours of detailed correspondence can be completed in moments!

Detailed Proposal Creation

Create unique proposals – including menu items and detailed financial breakdowns – and then generate or email custom prints for your lead to review. Copy entire proposals with a single mouse click to make minor changes and generate an updated quote. No duplicate data-entry; no wasted time!

Easy Lead and Proposal Conversion

Instantly convert any proposal into an actual event, and simultaneously (or separately) convert the lead into an active client – all with a couple of clicks of the mouse. All proposal details are automatically carried into Event Manager – so you never have to type the same thing more than once. Ever.

If managing prospective leads is a major part of your business, the Prospect Manager is a must-have for your operation.