Network Users

Network Users

Access the program with multiple users simultaneously, while optionally limiting access through powerful program security settings.

Have as many concurrent Caterease users as you need to run your business smoothly.

Multiple Concurrent Users

Both the desktop and hosted solutions of Caterease allow you to have as many users as you need sharing the program concurrently. Every user sees live Caterease data, and any changes made by any user are instantly reflected across the network. Caterease Connect users are given individual login credentials to access the program from anywhere, while users of the desktop program can be easily given access through your local network.

Security and Control

Each user in both the desktop and hosted solution can have his own specific set of security permissions, prohibiting him from viewing certain information or from performing certain functions. User Groups can be established so common settings only need to be setup once and then applied to any number of users. You can even connect program security to your Active Directory – so the program recognizes users from their Windows (or Caterease Connect) login credentials and automatically assigns their security settings accordingly. With Caterease, you are always in control!

Usage Tracking

Handy archive reports within the program allow you track various changes made by each user – including the date the change was made and the name of the user who made it. Contact history notes and reminders – created using the powerful Contact Manager addin – are automatically assigned to the user who creates them, and can be easily tracked and reviewed.

Manage multiple users of your Caterease program and track their various activities easily with the Caterease networking tools.