Marketing Tools

Document Builder

It’s almost impossible to overstate the flexibility of the Caterease Marketing Tools Package. It is essentially a word processor built right into your program. Virtually any event-level print you can imagine can be custom designed by you – giving you complete control over your company’s image.


Merge Letters for Emailing

Create detailed, custom letter templates for printing or even for use in email correspondence – peppering them with merge fields that dynamically pull specific information directly from the event. Choose any custom letter to be printed or emailed from any event or even an entire GROUP of events, and it will look completely customized for each individual customer. And your fingers never even have to touch the keyboard!

Fully Custom Event Prints

In addition to custom merge letters, the Marketing Tools Package also lets you create any number of completely custom event prints – either for your customers or for your back-of-house team. Go far beyond the templates available in the program’s Print Designer by creating custom merge documents from a blank white page with any look and feel you want. Than handy Merge Table Wizard lets you quickly insert specific information – menu items, staffing, payments, ingredients and more – exactly where you want it. Your prints, your image – your way.

Robust Word Processing Tools

With Caterease Marketing Tools, all of your favorite word processing tools are available at your fingertips – inserting images, creating tables (with or without borders), checking spelling, formatting fonts, etc. No longer will you have to open one software program after another. Caterease has everything you need to simplify your busy workday.

Create a limitless library of custom merge letters – and event prints that specifically reflect your company’s image – with the incredible Caterease Marketing Tools Package.