Inventory Costing Software

Inventory and Costing Software

Caterease provides comprehensive menu management tools right within the program – including the ability to create detailed, scalable ingredient lists and accurately measure cost and profit. However, if you have already entered that information in a separate menu management application, you can leverage that effort by using one of our powerful interfaces.Caterease can determine menu usage for a single party or entire range of parties, determining which items have been ordered and in what quantities – and then export these details in a proprietary format for importing into Food-Trak, CostGuard, ChefTec or Yellow Dog Software. Once the information has been imported, you can use that third-party program to generate shopping lists and other detailed reports. You can even edit menu item costing in your third-party menu management program and then pull that updated detail into your Caterease menus quickly and easily.

Don’t waste time inputting the same information into two different programs. Share important information across applications easily with the incredible Caterease inventory/costing interfaces.