Enterprise Query

Enterprise Query

Seamlessly combine data from multiple corporate locations for the purpose of running enterprise-level reports and custom queries. See the big picture instantly!

The powerful Caterease Enterprise Query is far more than just a reporting tool. Designed for corporations with multiple Caterease installations, this powerful tool lets you collect data from those various locations and pool it into one large database to run custom queries and reports.

Remote Connections

As easy-to-use as Caterease itself, the Enterprise Query tool lets you quickly retrieve data from as many disparate locations as you want. Simply establish a connection to each of your remote locations, even optionally color-coding each location for easier reference. Then you can download the data whenever you want, or even schedule downloads to occur automatically.

Limitless Results

Instantly find answers to virtually any questions by using almost any event details to build custom queries. Search for events during a certain date range, or those with a particular status or sales representative – or a host of other options. Results are displayed in a flexible detail grid – where you can customize which columns of information are shown, sort or group the data and even save the custom grid views you create for future use. Any information you could possibly need about events across your entire corporation is right there at your fingertips!

Customizable Calendar Display

In addition to the powerful query features available in this exciting tool, the graphic Scheduler is a valuable way to examine all of your corporate events. View details of your parties in a month-at-glance view, a week-at-a-glance, a day-at-a-glance or even a custom work-week-at-a-glance view – all the while evaluating their specific details in the grid at the bottom of the display.

The powerful Caterease Enterprise Query is truly the perfect solution for corporations with multiple locations. Part querying tool, part custom report writer, part robust calendar display – this innovative tool brings the power and sophistication of Caterease Software to the enterprise level.