Banquet Rooms

Banquet Rooms

Take the worry out of booking your venues! Let the Banquet Rooms module instantly warn you of any potential conflicts with double-booking or guest capacity!

Check Availability

The flexible Caterease venue graph allows you to instantly review all banquet room usage in a horizontal or vertical bar graph display. Instantly check room availability and even reserve space directly from the graph itself. Managing your rooms couldn’t possibly get any easier!

Manage Your Venues

Not only can you book new parties directly from your Caterease venue graph, but you can manage your existing parties as well! Drag and drop parties from one room to another or even one date to another. Stretch and shrink parties to make them start a little earlier or end a little later. Make event changes instantly without having to leave this handy, graphic screen!

Avoid Conflicts

No matter whether you book parties from your venue graph or from any other area of the program, the Banquet Rooms Module will always protect you from any possible conflicts – instantly warning you about double-bookings or issue with guest capacity. The amazing Room Selection Wizard even lets Caterease choose the most appropriate room for you – even concerning itself with your most efficient use of valuable space.

Stop wasting time and effort with inferior or manual banquet rooms management. Get the Caterease Banquet Rooms Module today!