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Caterease offers an array of unique, powerful enterprise-level tools that make it the perfect solution for multi-location corporations of any size.




Whatever the specific needs of your corporation, Caterease gives you the flexibility to handle them. No other program comes close to providing the control Caterease does:
Redesign Screen Displays
Every screen display in the program can be customized by you to fit your specific data entry needs. Remove fields, rearrange fields, make up custom fields – redesign the program so that it works best for your unique operation.
Create Custom Event Prints
Create any number of custom front-of-house or back-of-house event prints, chooosing to include the specific information you want on each print.
Limit Access
Flexible security settings allow you to control who can make these changes – granting or denying permissions to individual users or entire groups.
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The sophisticated design of Caterease makes it the perfect solution for multi-unit corporations. All of the important information you need can be managed in one place or optionally shared across the entire enterprise.
Corporate Custom Event Prints
Create your own custom list of event prints and then choose to share them with the entire corporation – so that changes you make one time automatically update prints in all locations.
Corporate Customers
Optionally share clients across all locations so that, whenever information is updated, all users see the latest and most accurate details.
Corporate Events
Copy events from one location to another quickly and easily, and optionally make one-time adjustments to the new party on-the-fly.
Corporate Menus
Create and share custom menus, so menu details can be managed in one place and all locations automatically see the changes.
Corporate Setup
Copy virtually any of your custom setup details – custom quick-pick lists, user defined fields, security settings, required fields and more – across all locations, to ensure every member of your team is entering information consistently.


Flexible security settings allow you to control who can make these changes – granting or denying permissions to individual users or entire groups
Detailed Calendar of Events
The dynamic Caterease Scheduler allows you to view a calendar of events for each of your various locations in several familiar displays – including a day-at-a-glance, week-at-a-glance, month-at-a-glance and more.
Quick-Access Reports
Quick reports offer easy access to any information for one, several or all locations – with flexible parameter tools to allow each user to control the results.
Custom Queries
Powerful, custom query tools let you search for any results based on a multitude of custom criteria – and then completely customize those results to build custom reports and exports.


In addition to the state-of-the-art design of Caterease, we employ the latest technology to offer powerful program extensions that give you, your team and your customers quick access to the tools you need.
Administrative Dashboard
Access important Caterease information about your entire enterprise in a powerful, flexible browser-based dashboard to quickly track sales, revenue, top products, top clients and other details.
Mobile App
Provide access to an unlimited number of users on any iOS or Android device to review a detailed calendar of events, contact clients or even process new leads from your website.
Payment Portal
Email your customer a time-stamped payment link and receive email or text confirmation as soon as payment has been posted.


The multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art Caterease data center is by far the safest, most reliable home for your corporation’s data.
Industry Recognition
Leaders in the technology and data security sectors – from Symantec to Dell, Citrix and others – have recognized our solution for its security and design.
Security Software and Appliances
Only Caterease has invested millions of dollars in infrastructure and security including industry leading firewalls, encryption, filtering and endpoint protection – all of which are updated with the latest protection multiple times per day to ensure protection from emergent threats.
Independent Control
While other software providers rely on third-party data centers including shared hardware and storage, we own and control our entire environment – meaning we as a single vendor control and protect your data, and no information could ever be accessed by or leaked to a third party.
Offsite Backups
In addition to our primary data center, we offer data redundancy through several offsite backup locations that are also privately owned and controlled.