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Expanded Caterease Support Team Leads to “Zero” Hold Times

According to a recent article in Time magazine, consumers spend an average of 13 hours per year waiting on hold for customer service. While that statistic begs several questions, one thing is for certain: those people are not calling Caterease Software.

Over the past few years, Caterease has not only expanded its support staff (and hours), but it has also streamlined the tech support process using two different but related channels: detailed hand
– holding from its training staff and quick program guidance from its support team. The result, according to Director of Support Joe Biasella, is an effective “zero” hold time for incoming calls.

“Our weekly reports have been incredibly impressive,” notes Biasella proudly. “Average hold times are consistently under 20 or 30 seconds – unheard of for this industry and essentially a ‘zero’ hold. Even the longest hold time each day generally does not surpass a minute or two.”

In addition to simply adding manpower, the Caterease team has been thoroughly trained to diagnose a customer’s needs early in a call and route them to the most appropriate department. “Some customers require detailed hand-holding on various areas of the program,” Biasella explains. “These are routed to our Training Department so they can be given the time and consideration they require. Consequently, customers who need an immediate answer to an immediate and often urgent question are not stuck waiting on hold behind a long call.”

A quick glance at comments posted on the popular software program’s website leaves no doubt about the positive effect this approach has on customers:

“The helpdesk is right there to help with easy to follow instructions and plenty of patience …”

“Your Help Desk personnel have ALWAYS been prompt and professional, and of course very helpful in their tech suggestions …”

“Thank you very much for the great support …”

“Absolutely the best support service for any program I’ve ever used. Straightforward, specific answers in a very timely manner. Thank you so much!”

Biasella and his team get similar comments every day from customers they speak with. “Sometimes customers have a fairly urgent need – they have to get something figured out and their client is waiting on a print or something. Those are the times when they cannot afford to wait on hold, and they are so incredibly grateful for our quick response.”

Unfortunately, with many companies today, help desk personnel have become anything but helpful. Leave it to the company who revolutionized the event management software industry to revolutionize its customer support, as well.