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Read what our current customers have to say

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“Having over 75 years of catering experience, our office staff of 4 was getting tired of our old software. With each event, we would have to manually transfer data over to our accounting program. This led to mistakes and lost money, not to mention a lot of our valuable time. As the youngest member of the team, I was making the push to migrate towards an easier, all-in-one program that would allow the flexibility to customize the software to our company, but allow us to use powerful settings already in place. After copious amounts of research, we settled on Caterease. (Please note that when I say copious, this is what I mean; It took me four trips to Best Buy in college to buy an XBox. I have terrible pre-buyer’s remorse). WOW – what a difference! After making the switch on January 1, 2017, we noticed an increase in productivity. As always, with something new there is a learning curve. However, it was not noticeably different for the older members on the team compared to myself. We are already enjoying the fact that we won’t have to re-type event details for next summer’s events, because they are already in the program.

One of our owners used to spend 25% of his week taking orders and creating invoices. The savings alone from all his saved time more than doubles our initial investment in Caterease! Our P&L’s look better, we are executing events with more proficiency, and saving time while continuing to be excellent! Thanks Caterease, you’ve made us a believer – and a happy client.”

David Porto
Blue Plate Catering

“We use Caterease in over 20 of our accounts and it has been a great relationship from Mark in the sales department to Theo and the other tech support crew in the tech support department. The program itself offers all the tools we need to build proposals, beo’s, contracts, invoices, etc. It is helps us manage our financial viability with the reporting tools it offers as well as prospecting new clients. Caterease offers on-going training and new tips to help maximize the program to its fullest potential. I would recommend Caterease to any company offering catering services from an off-site caterer to any on site facility.”

Tera Greenwood
Service Systems Associates

“I began looking into Caterease as a replacement to our past/current software. One of the reasons for this deviation being the poor customer service, receiving responses after months of submitting tickets, and a few other detrimental issues. After two weeks of utilizing Caterease, I am ecstatic to see the quick responses, and friendliness despite our niche, and somewhat frustrating needs. Thank you again, for your amazing product, and the incredible support that comes along with it!!!!!!”

Annalise Harwood
Redstone Federal Credit Union®

“Thank you! Thank you! & Thank you!!! This [your helpfulness] is why I keep buying and keep referring you and take you with me everywhere I go. You guys are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!!”

Veronica Segovia
ADC Group

“Caterease is the perfect solution for a restaurant group that has several different concepts, private event spaces, and other revenue streams. As an operator, there is comfort in knowing they are one step ahead of the game and the support team makes themselves available for any questions anytime. The program as a whole is very user friendly, which makes booking events quicker, easier, and more effective. It has tremendously improved communication with our clients and employees throughout all restaurants. We highly recommend it to any hospitality business, big or small.”

Shannon Connolly
Chesapeake Inn Restaurant & Marina

“We are so appreciative of the Caterease help team for being so responsive every time we email in!!! Thank you for all you do!”

Charlene Porter
Redstone Federal Credit Union®

“Caterease is an essential part of building catering sales. The ability to customize prints, menus, and events is a must for both small and large scale caterers. We would recommend Caterease to anyone looking to develop their sales process and deliver an efficient catering service.”

Bridget Wagner
Blue Ribbon Restaurants

“Caterease is used daily by our front-of-house staff for managing events and staying organized. It’s user-friendly and fully customizable which has been helpful as our company expands. We could not operate without it!”

Sheena Smith
PR Creative Caterers

“You guys rock! I am glad I have a partner like you. Thank you for all the help.”

Jeffrey S. Steffel
Comcast Spectacor

“I have called Caterease customer service on multiple occasions in the last 2 weeks and have talked to Edgar Rodriguez each time. He has been professional, patient, kind and provided invaluable help so that we can continue our catering business orders. His technical expertise helped us to identify that we were not able to utilize Quick Books to do the things that we were trying to do. I asked questions multiple times and he never appeared frustrated or demeaning. Please extend my thanks to your exceptional employee.”

Susan Trianfo
Freedom a la Cart

“Kristy knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix the problem. I wasn’t sure if I would ever get a response, as I have never done it before. She answered so quickly!”

Suzen Federico Hoffert
Eola Events

“High-Five on having such great support staff.”

Rachael Des Lauriers
The Peake of Catering

“We are continuing to customize Caterease and are amazed each day that we ever managed without it. It has become essential.”

Karn Anderson
Surdyk's Catering

“[Caterease technical support] is always so helpful and extremely prompt w/ support. Your company has the best help desk I have ever experienced.”

Marv’s Marvlus Pit-Bar-B-Q Inc

“Caterease technical support is great!”

George Fredricksen
CNF Catering

“Caterease continues to surprise me with its high quality of customer service, and brilliant product – that just keeps getting better….and it seems not to matter that we are on the other side of the world.”

Mitch Carter
Loaves and Fishes Catering – Brisbane, Australia

“I thank you for excellent service and tech support… Your staff was wonderful! Thank you so much!”

Kay Brown
Holiday Inn Waterloo

“I love the Caterease program. I was the Sales Coordinator for a major hotel chain for 11 years and when my former supervisor told me we were getting this program, I had full intentions of quitting my position. You see, I am in an age group that didn’t grow up with computers in school, so this was quite a shock, to say the least. My supervisor made one mistake though. The comment was made that I learn it (Caterease), or be fired! Well, here I am more than two years later and I LOVE CATEREASE. It has been a lifesaver, for my workload has increased three-fold and I can’t imagine going back to the old way of doing business. Oh, by the way, I am now the Director of Sales and I still do all of my own work instead of handing it out to the new Sales Coordinator since I like this program so much and it’s really not work to detail all of the functions that we book.”

Valerie Wentzel
Best Western Parkway Center Inn

“Your customer service is great.”

Candie Bowman
Bar B Que Express

“Although Caterease is designed for an industry distinctly different from our own, the features it offers are, apparently, common to both industries. Caterease has helped the Dionysus Theatre Complex schedule myriad hours in various rooms in a smooth and organized manner and to accurately track the flow of income from those rentals. With a bit of inventive thinking on our part and with the assistance of Caterease’s help desk, the Dionysus has been able to modify the program to serve our needs beyond our wildest expectations.”

Randall O’Neill
Dionysus Theatre Complex, Inc.

“Love the program!”

Susan Kaeser
Westmark Baranof Hotel

“I wanted to take the time to let you know how impressed I was with your crew today. New Year’s Eve we had a power failure in the middle of a backup which completely corrupted our database. I emailed the corrupted tables Sunday evening, called in bright and early Monday morning to verify that the tables were received. I was extremely impressed with the speed with which your programmers were able to fix the tables and get them emailed back to me. I really thought I was going to have an entire day wasted, but within 3½ hours I had the tables downloaded, copied to CD-ROM and ready to go. Your staff has always done a wonderful job for Made From Scratch, but today’s service was more than I could have hoped for. Please pass on my appreciation to your staff for all the assistance and service they have provided for the past 2½ years. Thanks again.”

Lisa Dudley
Made From Scratch

“Caterease is one of the most user-friendly softwares out there, and I’ve looked at a lot of them. It gives you a lot of flexibility that you don’t get with other programs and it is always improving with each upgrade.”

Deborah Shipley
Tulane University Hospital

“I am very happy with Caterease. I can do my contracts, BEO’s etc.. It is an easy program to learn. I am very satisfied with Caterease.”

Traci Schwendner
Eastland Suites Hotel & Conference Center

“I personally am amazed at all the possibilities of the Caterease software we purchased from your company. The ability to track sales in different venues and to see what your receivables are now, as well as in the past and what the potential is for the future. One of the important traits for good management is having the ability to protect with some degree of accuracy the future of your business and then of course to react accordingly. The information that is available with your software gives that degree of precision that is needed to make an educated decision.”

Tony Paluch
Garden Terrace Banquets

“Thank you for the wonderful support. The program is wonderful and your tech support pushes it up even another notch.”

Shannon L. Shrider
Honeywell Center

“Caterease is very user friendly and the follow-up support is wonderful.”

Barbi Narine
Aramark Pacific Bell

“Caterease is a rockin’ program!”

Kristell Boyd
Sodexho at the Nebraska Medical Center

“Easy to Use! I love it!”

Boston Cafe & Catering

“Every person I have had contact with on the Caterease support staff has responded quickly and enabled me to resolve my issues. You have a very good support team.”

Maureen McBride
Clarion Hotels

“You guys always give 100% support whenever we call.”

Susan Spake
Doubletree Hotels

“I’ve just finished work at a client’s site (Santa Barbara Elegant Events) and I’d like to comment on the tech support I received while installing a new server there. They’re running the latest version of your software, and I found it necessary to contact your tech support people on four occasions (just to be on the safe side, knowing that the client didn’t have adequate backups). I talked to Amy, Chris, and one other gentleman whose name I can’t recall… They all answered before three rings and had the answers I needed immediately.

Whoever set up your tech support department needs a serious pat on the back. I’d like to see him/her ‘spread the wealth’ of their knowledge of proper tech support ‘etiquette’ (and PROMPTNESS) with Verizon, Microsoft, AT&T, Compaq, HP, Canon, etc. and every other freakin’ company I’ve ever called for tech support that either had me listening to or interacting with an automated entity, or simply guided me to a dial tone through a cumbersome menu without the choices I needed. To ‘cut to the chase’, I’d like to say that I’ve never before seen such an outstanding level of response to a tech support ‘incident’.

I will definitely recommend your software to any of my customers who need any software you produce. I also, truly, think your method of tech support should be shared with other companies (‘rent’ out your tech support chief to other companies for a handsome fee?).”

Shelton Martin
PC Consulting – Santa Barbara Elegant Events

“I am very, very happy with my Caterease program. It has organized everything and lightened my workload. It puts everything together that used to be scattered everywhere. The contracts are great. The program has made my life SO much easier. I LOVE it!”

Cedardale Health & Fitness

“Caterease has streamlined our business and helped us to become more organized. Our menu presentation looks much more professional now and, because of that, we have increased our customer sales and gone from doing the business of a small caterer to being more in line with a large banquet hall.”

Gary’s Catering

“Caterease is the most versatile, user-friendly software I’ve ever used. It’s organized my department wonderfully and made keeping track of our menu items and accounts receivables a dream. Caterease is responsible for making our department run like clockwork and helping my staff to do their work in a fraction of the time it use to take. The menus and reports are outstanding. We’ve found that the program is extremely flexible and, with every upgrade, we have more power to streamline our operation. In addition, the technical support staff is always courteous and helpful.”

Rich Jacobs
Remington Hotels

“We recently converted from a ‘manual’ system to Caterease and the transition couldn’t have been smoother! The users in our office ranged from the novice computer user to veterans who had worked with several catering software packages before, and the comments from all were the same. No one could believe how easy it was to learn, how user-friendly it is in our everyday operations, and how powerful the reports and tracking capabilities have proven to be. The best part … has been the service from Caterease since the sale. They’ve been there for all our questions, and have been quick to respond to any problems we had (most had solutions right under our noses). Caterease was definitely the right choice for us!”

Kevin Shanley
Radisson Inn

“This is a wonderful program!”

Eva Butler
Courtyard on St. James Place

“Love the program and am especially happy with the training and the technical support!”

Veronica Esparza
Absolutely Delicious Catering, LLC

“We have received and installed our new Caterease program and we Love it!! Thank you so much for your hard work and diligence in our decision to purchase. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to excel in Event Planning & Scheduling. It is the best. Thanks…”

Shirley Barnes
Kimble’s Events by Design

“Caterease is great!”

Robert Sullivan
South Seattle Community College

“…your people are very helpful. Your customer service for as long as I have had Caterease is fantastic.”

Steven Becker
Goodland Foods Family of Companies

“It’s a fabulous program and I love using it.”

Andrea Wagemaker
Westerly Hotel

“I particularly love the technical support at Caterease. The people there are always willing to walk you through things patiently step-by-step to make sure your business is always up and running smoothly. The upgrades are always terrific and I get new things that I’ve wanted, as well as some great things I’d never even thought of. Caterease is a great help to my business and I’m so glad I got it.”

David Heileman
Best Western Inn at the Ozarks

“I love the Caterease program!”

Michael Farsace
The Erie Maennerchor Club

“I think that Caterease handles everything wonderfully, and allows us to show everything to a customer in a way that is easy to understand.”

Irene Mott
Armold Lakeside Club

“I think that Caterease handles everything wonderfully, and allows us to show everything to a customer in a way that is easy to understand.”

Irene Mott
Armold Lakeside Club

“Caterease is fantastic! It is simply the best software program I have ever used. It is very user-friendly and easy to learn. The prints and reports are so flexible, yet very professional for the client to receive. I also love the technical support staff, they are always available to help every step of the way. Using Caterease is the stress-free part of my day!”

Wendy Gates
Commonwealth Caterers

“I would definitely recommend Caterease to anyone in the hospitality industry.”

Tasha Cheadle
Hannibal Inn & Conference Center

“Caterease, you have out done yourselves this time! (Caterease) is absolutely the best catering software package available! I have been using Caterease since 1999 and was “always” impressed with both the program and your excellent customer service. Now with the professional (version) I have even more power and useful information at my fingertips. Most importantly though I have the flexibility to use this information in a variety of prints that I can custom design to fit any need. Thank you for the tools and support to keep this hectic business running smoothly!”

Tim Garner
Cuomo Catering

“I highly recommend the Caterease program. It’s easy to use and the technical support is very friendly and helpful.”

Debbie Hernandez
Box Seats

“It is always a pleasurable experience to work with technical support.”

Paul Wysocki
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

“Tech Support is great! They were able to get me back up and running very quickly. I am very happy with the program!”

Holiday Inn – West

“I really like this program a lot!”

Katie Cowan
Holiday Inn Southgate

Thank you so much for a great program…..the ease of booking events and sending contracts has made my life so much easier.”

Patsy Beckett
Casa Rio Mexican Foods

“I am just so grateful for a sophisticated Caterease application, and an efficient Caterease support from your team! I never have to worry about Caterease application.”

Ayla Yang
Fox & Obel Food Market

“I am impressed with all of the things you have thought of – it appears that someone on your team has done a lot of catering. Just when I don’t think you have a solution for my problem I stumble onto it some where in the program.”

Toby Finch
Happy Day Catering

“You are the best tech support I have ever had!”

John Brandon
Two Spoons Catering

“…with regard to Caterease and the customer service we receive, I can tell you that it is outstanding. It is very easy to get support on the phone and via e-mail. In today’s world, you typically do not get the level of attention you get from Caterease. Our issues, if there are any, are handled in a timely and professional manner. We highly recommend the program.”

Lynn M. Fodale
Philip Stone Caterers

“It’s a great program to work with and the tech support is very helpful!!”

Nora Madrano
Holiday Inn Brownsville

“I have to start off and say how much I appreciate Caterease and the support desk you all are excellent! I have a separate POS system in my restaurant that I paid 10 times the amount for and I receive pathetic service from them; you all are always excellent!”

Gary Maroulis
Jen’s Place Bakery & Cafe

“[Caterease] 8.5 and the support have been excellent this year!”

Anel Hernandez
Chef Anel’s Catering

“I have used Caterease for almost 15 years at 3 different locations!”

Lea Bruckner
Concentrics Hospitality Trois

“Caterease is simply the best catering program I have ever used. After 25 years in business, I feel I have more control over my business than at any other time. The program is simple to use and generates tons of useful information. I’m a control freak and this is just what the doctor ordered! Keeping myself organized makes my workday so much less stressful. Everything is right at my fingertips. The program is not expensive and yet gives you the quality service and features you would expect from a much more costly unit. Thank you sincerely, Caterease. You’re the Best!”

David M. Grant
President, David M. Grant Caterers

“I love you guys!”

Christina De Sequeira
La Cosecha, Inc.

“Thank you so much for your prompt call and response to my question. It is so refreshing to know that there are still companies out there that are customer driven and give small companies a break. I appreciate your help and will continue to let others know about how great the Caterease company is to work with.”

Amy Shoup Mennen
Shoup’s Country Foods, Inc.

“George, I received your e-mail address from Leila and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated her assistance, patience and overall wonderful attitude when she helped me out yesterday…I am more excited than ever to have this kind of automation in my business and the support to back it up.”

Nancy Yoder
Der Dutchman Restaurant

“You guys are the best!”

Leanne Pomellitto
Savory & Sweet Enterprises

“I am a veteran user of Caterease and am with a new restaurant and CANNOT WAIT to get started and see all of the KEWL new stuff that is on your website with the latest version!!! Thank you in advance, I love ur software!!!! Y’all are the best.”

Marie Blocker
Cristina’s Fine Mexican

“The Caterease program is great, I love it!”

June Mills
Michael Lane Cuisine

“Thank you! Thank you! Your Caterease software has saved my life! Of all the decisions I’ve had to make relating to our pre-opening sales office, selecting Caterease as our booking software was without a doubt the best and smartest choice!”

Lynn Umstead
Castle McCulloch

“I can not say enough good things about you! Thank you for working with me and helping me out! You have outstanding customer service and you do whatever it takes to make your customers happy.”

Tiffany S. Vickaryous
Ovations Food Services

“First let me start by saying what a wonderful program! Caterease is user friendly, functional and truly top notch. When I run into to problems, 99% human error, OK who am fooling 100% human error, the helpdesk is right there to help with easy to follow instructions and plenty of patience. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough but I truly thank you for your computer wisdom. Being a two man company, it’s nice to have you a part of our team.”

Rhonda Whyte
B.E.S.T. Catering

“Caterease makes my life so much easier”

Christina Hoffman
Manhattan Dining Services

“Thank you so much for being so patient and helping to solve my problems….Your concern meant a lot and your willingness to go above and beyond even after you got my Caterease going was wonderful…..Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Teresa Akkola
Casa Rio

“I am very pleased with your customer support and willingness to continue producing more effective and comprehensive updates…We have been with you since 2000 and wouldn’t consider any other software…Thanks”

Jason Capps
Greco’s Gourmet Catering, Inc.

“Thank you for your help. I’m very satisfied with the quick responses from all your team! Looking forward for the next updates.”

Mario Gruninger
Gruninger Feinschmecker Service

“I love this software! I did not even use the manual for the most part and am already booking events, and changing print designs.”

Ken E. Barrett
Cafe Iz

“At my last job, as Private Dining Director for a restaurant, I got thrown in a bit – I had very little computer experience and was given no training on Caterease. After staring at it for a couple months, I decided one day to just dive in and try to figure it out. To my amazement, it was completely simple. Everything just made sense and went together. Most importantly in the initial months, there was the fabulous support that Caterease provided. The tips of the week especially were such an easy way to teach myself the more “advanced” features of the program at my own pace. I also would use them when I just KNEW that Caterease would be able to do something for me (because it can do everything) but wasn’t exactly sure how. Within the year I was teaching our inter-company training sessions and classes on Caterease – and what I found so fantastic – was that I really was able to “master” the program from playing around with it a bit and using your online resources (ok… and George). So, thank you Caterease for making me look like I’m computer savvy.

I eventually left my restaurant job to pursue a new career managing a boutique Cheese Shop, where my responsibilities included developing an events program and managing a membership base. I was honestly a little overwhelmed staring at an excel spreadsheet and the idea of having to develop a sales tracking systems and credit card tracking systems and order systems and proposals and contracts etc, etc, etc. I knew that Caterease could do all of that and more and would be such a crucial time saver, allowing me to use my time to be out building sales.

Thankfully after my new boss went to the Caterease website and looked around he was completely sold. Michael was fantastic in helping us find the version that would work best for our business and our budget and I am so excited to FINALLY feel organized again!

I actually do blame Caterease though for one thing. I used to have a fairly good memory – but after 4 years of using my program for everything and never having to remember anything, it has gotten a bit rusty!”

Christina Glenn
Raymond & Co. Cheesemongers

“Just a quick email to let you know that the new software is going great. It has blown us all away as to how clever it is.”

Belinda Sullivan
Flavours Catering

“I am excited and can’t wait to get started. I used Caterease at (the company I previously worked for)…..I simply love it. Great software and you all are great to work with! Thank you.”

Presentations Catering & Events

“Your help department has been truly amazing at answering all my questions that have come … It has been a pleasant process from your help in making the purchase decision to those in the help department guiding me. Once I allotted time to sit and play around with it and quit procrastinating (which I’m really good at ) everything seemed to fall into place … I kept running into things I didn’t realize it did and liking it even more… Please forward my words regarding you and the other staff members to the powers that be. I think they should know how simple and painless you made the process for an indecisive person like myself!”

Country Fair Park

“I love the program…don’t know what I ever did without it! It makes life fun!”

Dale C. Allan
Ambridge Event Center

“Absolutely the best support service for any program I’ve ever used. Straightforward, specific answers in a very timely manner. Thank you so much!”

Denise Decker
Sportsmen’s Lodge Event Lodge

“First day with Caterease: “Thank you. The first order I put through Caterease took 5x as long as the old way. The 2nd order? Took me 5 minutes, just like in the demo! Labor day is going to be a little less laborious this year.
After a few months: The Christmas season is “so merry and happy…i’m catering up a storm, yet home 2-3 hours earlier every night! next time you do an ad, i’ll give you the best testimonial ever!”

Jon Alexis
TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market & Catering

“I’m simply speechless on how quick you guys added the new suggestions! Fantastic! Have a great week and thanks for making our life easier with every build of this great program.”

Mario Gruninger
Gruninger Feinschmecker Service

“Sent my BEOs to my hotel in Berlin over the weekend. Here is her response: Wow I am impressed. Love working with ESO like that. Just thought you’d like to know that the hotels we are working with love our event orders.”

Jen Arndt
Talking Point Inc.

“You guys are always helpful!”

Denece Dreger
Prom Management Group

“After booking a million dollars a year in private dining business for a National steakhouse with Caterease I couldn’t be without it. There is no other event software that compares in terms of ease of use, organization, customization options and seamless systems integration. When I started my own marketing and event management company I knew that I needed to have Caterease. It is like “computer crack” you gotta have it!”

Michele Graziano
McKnight Graziano Designs

“Thank you for your help!!!!!! Everyone at Caterease has always been very patient and kind.”

Chateau Cocomar

“Just wanted to say that I love Caterease. It is great!! Your developers are genius!!”

Noelle Suleiman
LaVilla Conference and Banquet Center

“I must say that the service from Caterease is always excellent. I totally appreciate being able to talk to someone that “gets” what I’m saying. ”

Lisa Doyon
Ciociaro Club

“I would like to Thank all the Caterease help desk. They are always awesome and very helpful.”

Beverly Guffey
BSA Health System

“I just wanted to start off by telling you that I have never worked with such exceptional catering software. I have been a Special Event Sales Manager for close to 10 years and spent most of that time frustrated with sub-par software. Caterease has every possible detail incorporated. I recently moved to Milwaukee from San Francisco and The Napa Valley. The product of choice out there is mostly Delphi and Opera. Life would have been so much nicer with Caterease Software. I have had no problem using the software with very minimal references to the training guide. All in all- This product makes sense! It used to take me hours to build a detailed BEO. I can get through detailing an event while on the phone with a client and have it to them before the end of the conversation!”

Shawn M. Prescott
IPic Entertainment

“You guys are the best. Seriously, of all the vendors I deal with. You guys are amazing. Thank you.”

Champs BBQ

“Thank you Caterease for an UNBELIEVEABLE software. It just makes my job so EASY. And most of all thank you for the other help desk team. They are so great to work with. I am comfortable with the computer, but whenever I have a question, they get right on it and solve the problem. I always learn something new from them. They are the BEST!!!”

Francine Van Auken
Bogart’s Bar & Grille

“Your team is always courteous and helpful! Thank you!”

Ginger Lehrfeld
Red Hot & Blue

“Always quick and helpful and patient!”

Sandi Monhollen
Receptions Inc

“Awesome! Your prompt attention to my request superseded my expectations! Thank you for your wonderful assistance to the Southwest Deli Group, Inc. team!”

Belinda Bernal
Southwest Deli Group Inc.

“Very helpful and timely assistance”

Rochelle Prather
Bon Appétit at Fort Worden

“Extremely helpful and very patient, thanks for the great support.”

Wendy Cohen
The Goodfriend Catering Company

“Your help was spot on!”

Louis Mazza
King’s College

“We have really enjoyed working together with you and your software to make our lives much easier to manage.”

Michael Mack
Tastebuds Catering

“I have contacted the help desk via email on several occasions and they have always been very helpful.”

Corey Bobb
Spectacular Event Center & Catering

“Absolutely the best support service for any program I’ve ever used. Straightforward, specific answers in a very timely manner. Thank you so much!”

Denise A. Decker
Sportsmen’s Lodge

“After more than 30 years of working in the computer world, I can not remember running into a more responsive or helpful software support desk than the one at Caterease. Several times I have consulted with them on minor issues and today a much bigger one caused my myself and they have always responded immediately and with precise instructions. Thank you for providing this invaluable resource.”

Norman Gibat
GEI, Inc.

“Our life is going to be so much easier and completely simplified with Caterease. This event management software rocks!!!”


“…you can tell the software designers that Caterease isn’t just pretty, it’s a great deal of fun learning. I’m a gamer and this program has a feel similar to a game. It makes you want to play it.”

Kenneth Kimble
Emerald at Queensbridge

“…I am finding Caterease very useful and easy to navigate already and I am not yet utilising all of its lovely features. Support is great too. A good decision!…”

John Mulligan
L’amour Catering

“I just want to comment on my experiences with your help team. Ever since we purchased the Caterease program your help team has been nothing short of fabulous! Whoever is assigned to the task, it’s always prompt, efficient and friendly. I had a call from another hotel that was looking into purchasing your program and the one thing that I over emphasized was the wonderful support you get from Caterease. You have a great help team and should be very proud of the job that they are doing. Keep up the good work!!”

Hal Ruppe
Terminal City Club

“It is a great big relief to know your help desk is there for us! Always responsive, timely in responding, and very clear in the communication of the answer, thank you very much for the great support!”

Stacia Turner
Lake Toxaway Country Club

“You guys rock! Received email this morning from your set up crew and purposely waited until you were closed to see if I could access [Caterease] without tech support as promised. So easy…I am sure we will have a bunch of questions, but everything looks great on initial set up. Please thank the set up crew for an awesome job on a very tedious project. Those menu items have been traveling with me a long time; They did a great job at the input. A project that would have taken us weeks to complete.”

James Dumas
High West Distillery

“I don’t know how we ever survived without Caterease!!! It has truly been a wonderful tool for us and surprisingly my team was able to get acclimated faster than I ever thought possible.”

Jeremiah Leiter
Leiters Catering

“I find Caterease an absolutely awesome tool to run my catering business. To be honest, I don’t know how we ran the business before we had it. Their tech support is great, and they continue to improve their software on a monthly basis. Also, its easy to customize to Australia/NZ requirements for tax/date format etc.”

Mitch Carter
Loaves and Fishes Catering – Brisbane, Australia

“You have a fantastic team! Thank You!”

Yolanda Contreras
Sportsmen’s Lodge

“We love Caterease! We have really enjoyed working together with you and your software to make our lives much easier to manage. We always appreciate your support and we look forward to working together for many events to come!”

Michael Mack
Tastebuds Catering

“Caterease is a vital component of our catering operation. We love the fact we have all our event information under one tool with the ability to generate some many different reports from the kitchen to our front of house teams. The professional display and consistent look and feel of the quotes we produce from Caterease gives us the edge over our competitors and the flexibly of the print design tool means we can customise to our individual customer requirements. The support of the Caterease help desk is also fantastic. When your business is so reliant on a program like this it is vital the back up support is quick and efficient. This is certainly the case with the Caterease support team – they always respond quickly with prudent advice or a solution to meet our requirements. THANK YOU CATEREASE.”

Nigel Searancke
Sarah Searancke Catering

“I find that Caterease support excels in customer service. Thank you so much!!”

Carissa Sweeney
Resurrection Life Church

“It has been a real pleasure working with the help desk at Caterease ~ they have all been most helpful in our setup phase, and now we are digging a little deeper into the use and customization for our specific needs and the flexibility for software customization continues to amaze me. Thank you!”

Stacia Turner
Lake Toxaway Country Club

“Hats off to Caterease, we purchased three years ago and doubled our business since then…”

Sam Jacobson
Roche Harbor Resort

“I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with your Caterease software. I had been looking for software to automate our banquet department for over two years and had become quite skeptical after evaluating five different brands of software. It’s interesting that these programs ranged in price from $4,995.00 to a high of $15,000.00 and, invariably, they were all complicated (developed by computer nerds instead of people who would use the program daily). None of them was a complete package that didn’t lack one or more vital functions. Your software, however, addressed everything on my wish list. It automates all office paperwork and allows personnel more time with clients and it’s so easy to use that my staff was comfortable using it after only one day and proficient in it one week later. It has every report we could ever want. The price was extremely reasonable and I was amazed that you incorporated our suggestions for later updates, which is almost unheard of with other software companies. Your software is used in our six Holiday Inn hotels and our people love it. It’s great that there are still companies like yours that deliver a quality product at a reasonable price.”

Carl Pelletier
The Erin Company

“I wish I had Caterease years ago!”

Les Ellsworth
Potpourri House

“I only have good things to say about your Help Desk personnel. Through the years I’ve contacted them several times regarding issues that occasionally arise, and they have ALWAYS been prompt and professional, and of course very helpful in their tech suggestions and fixes.”

Shane Vasconcellos
University of Hawaii

“When I accepted the position here at MetLife Stadium and realized our corporate office had Caterease I spear headed the effort to roll out the program and we all think it is a fabulous program! Using it for 3 years now. Especially like that I can access my financial reports as a sales manager which automatically calculates my commissions! Help desk is always HELPFUL!”

Barb Mastando
Delaware North – MetLife Stadium

“I love Caterease”

Maria Alvarez
La Cosecha, Inc.

This property was selected by our Food & Beverage Management Company to install and use Caterease as a trial before purchasing the program for other properties. In total, five additional properties have added Caterease because of the enthusiastic endorsement of our staff.”

Donna Wright
Belo Mansion

“Thank you again for your timely response, your program is great and the bonus is your timely response. I would recommend your product and company to everyone.”

Chris Kane
Blair Mill Inn

“Everyone is always so helpful and I love the program.”

Tai Pett
4 Star Restaurant Group

“Your IT support is unbelievable (I love adrienn), your system is so flexible, your marketing tool is great. I mean, for 10 years, we did about 5 to 6 different excel spread sheets for one client. It was miserable. Now, we have a solution for such an affordable pricing. THANK YOU!”

Renee Kim, President
CLI Groups

“Caterease customer service has been great so far. We work with over 17 software systems to schedule, coordinate, and bill 3.5 million dollars annually in conferences and events here at SSU. Caterease support is one of the best.”

Chis Hendry
University Catering Services – Sonoma State

“Two things in my lifetime have revolutionized catering… Cambro and Caterease.”

Jeremy Jones
Co-Owner of Iron Gate Catering in Logan UT

“PS. I LOVE Caterease, I learn something new everyday and I am sure I haven’t begun to use the program to it full capabilities. Between, you, the support team and the training I couldn’t ask for anything better. Kudos on the new website, it is not only appealing to the eye but functional!”

Rhonda Whyte
B.E.S.T. Catering

“Theo, Kristy and Tony – All 3 of these Helpdesk personnel have been extremely prompt in their responses, thorough and HELPFUL. No question is too small and no issue has been glossed over. They have provided excellent Guest Service throughout the transition to Caterease. I wanted to make sure they were recognized.”

Marissa Drago
Director of Catering, Financier Patisserie

“Frog Commissary, the elite catering firm in Philadelphia, PA has enjoyed a strong and successful relationship with Caterease. Our sales team utilizes the software to generate one outstanding event after another. We find the support team at Caterease, quick to respond, friendly in their approach and understanding of our desired end results. We see Caterease as our partner in the fundamental basics of detail reports, contracts and event management.”

Kristofer J. Fair
Frog Commissary

“Thank you!!! Kids swimming in a sea of candy couldn’t possibly be as happy as me!!”

Ryan Carroll
Cuisine & Company

“Thanks so much! I appreciate your time and attentiveness. We are a small company and this is a big step for us, but you have made us feel like we are your only and most important client. We are really happy to get up and running with Caterease and all the information that has been sent our way is very exciting. Thanks so much for all of your help!”

Lisa Somera
LOLA Catering + Events

“We have started using Caterease and we LOVE IT!!!!”

Tamara Pribilic
Black Knight Inn

“We here at Salty’s, would be lost without our Caterease and the amazing help at the Help Desk!
Caterease has systemized our processes so professionally, we beat our competition in service, information and details every time! We are able to create a proposal in minutes after speaking to the potential guest, giving them a tangible connection to us, detailed information that makes them feel empowered and that leads to a loyalty you don’t receive by giving away information on the phone and waiting for them to get back to you. It’s flexible, easy to use, and very customizable. We highly recommend it!”

Brenda Pierce, Catering Sales
Saltys Seafood Grills, Alki Beach, Seattle

“Caterease is essential to our business, and the customer support has always been top notch.”

Sara Mora
Facility Team Leader- Whole Foods Market Catering Austin

“Before purchasing the Caterease program, we were spending hours entering information into multiple databases and creating separate reports. We now have all of our information in one spot and can customize our reports based on the information that we’ve only had to enter ONCE. It has been a huge time-saver for our company, and everyone has been happier to be able to work more efficiently. Thank you, Caterease!”

Josie Schoofs
Adventureland Park

“I’ve been using Caterease here in Savannah for over 13 years now and just love it.”

Kristi Hubner

“Caterease has been such a help to our company, we have been able to keep track of all the events we have here at Michael’s. it makes sending information and receiving payments a breeze and we are able to keep everything in one place. Without Caterease we would be lost and still using books, Caterease is a true lifesaver and is always getting better. Thank you for everything!”

Sarah Wagner
Michael’s Eighth Avenue

“I found that being able to reach the helpdesk so promptly has been a huge weight off my shoulders with worry. The tips that I have now gained will help me use the software in the future with far more confidence than before I called. I thank everyone so much for being so helpful and understanding.”

Cori Mills
Tex’s BBQ Express

“I have used Caterease for some time now, they continue to create programs & changes inspired by their clients suggestions and their intuitive nature in the business. It is so nice to work with a company that cares, listens and learns!!! Kudos to everyone on the Caterease Support team, thank you!”

Laura E. Hume
Springhill Suites by Marriott & Devens Common Center

“I’d like to commend the Caterease Helpdesk on the level of support that I’ve received in the recent months. Support and feature requests over email have been handled quickly and efficiently.”

Ryan Kiko
Certified Angus Beef, LLC

“Having been in the business for over 30 years and having worked on three continents. I have seen and worked with many event management systems. In 2013 I started my own business and was challenged by looking for event software that would be scalable and grow with me, Caterease hit all the notes for my business. Now 2 years in, I have been able to add the modules to match the demands of my flourishing business. Best satisfaction is when you get a cold call from a guest and inside of a 10 minute conversation I’m able to send off a professional proposal along with a detailed email covering all my business can offer to a client.” Time and time again clients state… “You won the contract chef because you’re not only talented in the kitchen but you’re your speed to send all documentation shows how much you care about your guests.” Whether you are just starting out in Hospitality or have decided to start up your own business after working for others. Caterease is indispensable and will make your business purr with a professional edge!”

Michael Blackie

“I just want to say your helpdesk team is always very helpful and get back to me in a really timely manner.”

Marie-Helene Racine, B.B.A, M.Sc.
Frobisher Inn

“I just want to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with Caterease. We did a lot or research, more than 10 years ago, to find the best program to suit our needs and 10 years later, we haven’t been sorry for a moment. Caterease was easy to set-up way back then and today, continues to be easy to use and navigate. Your helpdesk couldn’t be better – it has even taken our “wish lists” over the years and incorporated them in program updates. Software life does not get much better than that! We could not be more pleased with options within the program to customize forms and if I just have to have it the way I want to see it, Caterease is willing to create custom forms to make me happy. That being said, thank you to everyone at Caterease!”

Robin A Rader
The Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake

“I love working with Caterease! I have used Caterease for several years now and continue to be amazed at the limitless ways to customize every aspect of this program to our needs. The Caterease staff is always available to help us customize reports or help with questions. ”

Bonnie Jensen
Dining Services Dixie State University

“I am always amazed by the fluid capabilities of this software. It is the Best!”

Jerry Rosenberg
Catering by Max’s

“I really enjoy using Caterease software. If there is a question or problem, there are tutorials and helpful features to guide you. My favorite way to get help are the people at the Caterease Help Desk. The first time I used the feature I was surprised that they called me to get extra information and got me a quick resolution to my problem. I have used the Help Desk several times and get consistently helpful, friendly, professional service. If you use Caterease and have a problem or question, give them a try!”

Teresa Rogers
Schaul’s Signature Cuisine & Events

“Kristy is hands down the best technical support person I have come across. And in my 30 years of dealing with software companies ranging from Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, blah blah blah. This was the fastest service. I tip my hat to her and Caterease.”

George Gassios
Le Chateau Royal

“The only regret that I have with Caterease…is that we didn’t buy the program sooner.”

Brandi Goldapp
A View Event Venues

“I love Caterease! It is a great program with so many capabilities. Questions don’t come up much since it is so easy to use but when I do have a question, Kristy is usually the Support Person to help me and she always answers what I need. I have been in the Hospitality / Sales industry for over 20 years and it is by far the easiest and coolest system I have worked with.”

Emily S. Ferris
Deerfield Golf Club

“The use of the Caterease software has positively impacted our turnaround time in terms of getting proposals and changes out to clients, and for that, we are very grateful. It has made many of our processes much quicker and easier.”

Kelly McVeigh
Sales and Event Management

“Although my time with Caterease has been brief, I am already blown away by the amount of features and control this software provides. Everything I could think of is covered, taking the chaos and guesswork out of what is truly a hectic business. Tech support has been more than helpful and responds very quickly, making the transition that much easier. Thanks again for the excellent service and support!”

Taylor Ridgeway
Carlyle’s Catering