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Caterease Wows Catersource Crowd with Revolutionary New Update

What happened in Vegas this month will definitely not be staying in Vegas.

Caterease, the leading provider of catering and event planning software, once again this month dominated Catersource, the industry’s largest tradeshow. This time, however, in addition to the typical buzz about how powerful and user-friendly the popular program is, there was also plenty of excited talk about the amazing new features in the latest update – Caterease v16.

“We always have one of the most popular – and most crowded – booths at the show,” says Chris Kopriva, Caterease Director of Sales. “This year, however, was huge even by our standards. And so much attention was paid to our incredible new features.”

Kopriva spent the entire show doing program demonstrations on a large screen in the center of the booth, and didn’t have much time to come up for air.

“For most of the show, I had fifteen or more people around me,” he points out. “Even with all of the extra chairs we rented for the show, we still had people standing in the aisles. The excitement was amazing!”

Although the impressive enhancements made to the program were indeed the talk of the show, there were still many people seeing Caterease for the first time who were amazed by the user-friendly, intuitive design.

“Every year, we have multiple companies buy the program right there on the show floor, and this year was certainly no exception,” says Susan Koschalk, Caterease Director of Marketing. “Catersource is a great opportunity for us, because people can see first-hand how our program compares to others in the industry. That’s always good news for us!”

Of course, in addition the people who purchased at the show, hundreds more collected information about Caterease to bring back and share with their colleagues.

“We always have to be careful not to run out of marketing material,” Koschalk explains. “It seems like every year we bring a little more, and every year the crowd continues to grow.”

This year, the crowd at the Caterease booth was enthusiastic and energized. There’s no doubt they’ll continue to talk about what happened in Vegas for a long time to come.