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Caterease v16 Offers New Technology for Enhanced Performance

Caterease, the leading software provider in the catering and event planning industry, recently announced enhancements to the program that dramatically improve its already impressive performance. In a program update just released this month, developers of the program leveraged new technology available to them through Microsoft SQL in Caterease v16 – and the result is faster program response time and increased user productivity.

“This is a huge part of the reason we moved to Microsoft SQL,” says Chris Kopriva, Caterease Director of Training. “There are so many tools available to us in a SQL database, and this new update is a perfect example.”

According to Kopriva, the recent update offers several enhancements for Caterease end users. “First of all, the initial load time is faster,” he says. “Then, once you’re in the program, navigating from record to record – which was already very fast – is now like lightning. We have added new functionality to improve virtually all methods by which data is reviewed. Sorting records, filtering to only show certain records, separating records into groups – all of it now offers improved performance.”

In addition to the performance boost, the new technology employed in this recent update also offers users some handy new tools. “There is now a slick new ‘find panel’ tool,” Kopriva explains, “that allows users to search through all of their records by typing any random letters. For example, imagine you type the letters ‘an’, and the tool instantly finds all parties with those letters in any field – a sales rep of ‘Joanne’, a client name of ‘American Family Insurance’, a theme of ‘Banquet’, etc.

“Beyond that,” Kopriva continues, “you are able to place a bookmark on any record, so that you can move on to review other records or perform other tasks, and then jump right back to the record you were working on.”

Kopriva’s favorite new tool, however, is the dynamic “filter row” option available throughout the program. “You have to use this tool to believe it,” he says. “For example, imagine you’re looking at all of the events in your entire program and you decide you’d like to see only those parties with your name as the sales rep. You literally just start typing your name into the new ‘filter row’. You don’t even have to type the whole name; the program will finish it for you! And then instantly the list you’re looking at is filtered to show exactly what you want to see.”

According to Kopriva, all of this power and enhanced performance provides the customer with one important result: huge time savings. “While other programs make you click a dozen different buttons to accomplish one thing and leave you staring at an endless hourglass every step of the way, Caterease just gets things done quickly,” he says. “Time is money – and Caterease saves you both!”

For more information on Caterease Software, visit www.caterease.com or contact Caterease Sales at 800.863.1616.