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Caterease Update v16 – Build 1676

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** Notice to Caterease Desktop customers only **
The update is now available for customer download.

Caterease v16 Update Instructions

Notes: Make sure that all users are logged out of Caterease while performing the update process. Log on to the Caterease server using an Administrator account to perform the upgrade. If at any time during the update process you receive an error message, email the HelpDesk with the exact details of the error message.

Steps for Installing Update
1. Launch Caterease on the server computer.
2. Go to the Administration tab | Database | Backup & Restore Data. Make sure the Backup tab is selected and then click “OK”.
3. Go to the Administration tab | Database | Database Refresh. Click “OK”.
4. Under the Help tab click Latest Update.
5. Follow the prompts that appear.
6. Start Caterease and it will say “Updating Database Configuration….” Please be patient and do not interrupt or cancel this operation as data corruption can occur.
7. Once the update on the server is complete, the workstations should update automatically on next launch.

** Note: If users do not have local admin rights to their workstations, set FULL CONTROL security for users on the CatereaseSQL directory structure on their workstations to allow error free automatic workstation updating. **

Alternately, you can manually update the workstation by logging in as an Administrator and running the CEWSINST file, located in the Resource folder in the CatereaseSQL share on the Caterease server.

Windows Settings

This update will not have any effect on the saved windows settings, saved layouts or saved queries for the main, common windows in the program such as Event Manager, Event Wizard, Account Manager, or any other window.

New Features in this Build


We’ve added “Event Discounts” to program security.  Now you prohibit a user from applying discounts to an event using this tool.

QuickBooks/Sage Export Utility (File Based Export)

We’ve added the ability to include only specific “Operations” in your file-based QuickBook or Sage export. 

Nowsta Interface

We are introducing our new Nowsta interface in this build.

The simplest way to schedule, track and pay employees.