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Caterease Update v16 – Build 1656

Release Schedule

Caterease Connect – The update will be performed by our staff overnight the morning of Monday, May 15, 2017.

Caterease Desktop – The update will be available for customer download the week of May 15, 2017.

Windows Settings

The following minor window settings have been reset in this update:

Scheduler: We’ve added the field “Guaranteed” guests to the list of “Display Fields” for both the Event Display and the Subevent Display. In doing so, we had to reset these displays. Please verify that your desired fields are displayed for both type of event.

Note: These fields are used as the basis for exporting to Google and Outlook Calendars.

All you will have to do is select the fields and/or drag and drop their position and then save your changed settings.

This update will not have any effect on the saved windows settings, saved layouts or saved queries for the main, common windows in the program such as Event Manager, Event Wizard, Account Manager, or any other window besides the one listed above.

New Features in this Build

Vantiv Interface

Caterease is introducing a new interface with Vantiv Credit Card Processing. This interface includes stored credit card Tokens for reusing stored cards.

From the Interface Setup Wizard’s “Credit Card” tab, click on the Vantiv button.

Enter your “Merchant ID” and “Password” and then select from the following options:

  • Card Enter Method
    • Both
    • Swipe
    • Manual
  • Default Swipe
    • Swipe
    • Manual
  • Include Key Pad
    • On
    • Off

One the default settings have been selected and you have Validated them, you will be able to Enable Credit Card Processing.

Storing Client Contact Credit Cards

Any contact of any client can have any number of credit cards on file. One established, you never have to type the card number, expiration date, cvv code again.

With the Vantiv interface active, you can add default credit cards to your client’s contacts in the “Client Contacts” window. Simply click the “Credit Cards” button:

You can add or delete any contact credit cards in this window. If you click the “Add Credit Card” button, the following window appears:

Enter the Billing Postal and any Notes you might want to use to assist you in selecting a credit card to use. Once you click “OK”, the Vantiv credit card window will appear:

Enter the Card Number, Exp Date & CVV of the credit card you wish to add and then click “Process”

Note: Drag and Drop is available in this window, allowing you to change the position of available credit cards. The top card for any contact becomes the DEFAULT CARD that is loaded initially for use.

To recap: Any account can have any number of contacts. Any contact can have any number of Vantiv verified credit cards on file. No actual credit card numbers are stored in the Caterease database. We store a token that links to the specific credit card in the PCI compliant Vantiv database.

Processing A Vantiv Credit Card Transaction

From the Event Payments window, click the “Payment Details” button:

If you click the “Credit Card” tab of the “Payment Details” window, you can see that no credit card was processed yet for this payment.

Note: If a credit card had already been processed for this payment you would get a notice and NOT be allowed to process it again.

Clicking the “Process Credit Card” button will bring up the “Process Credit Card Transaction” window:

When this window opens, it searches through the accounts contact file for the current event’s “Booking Contact”, in this case – “Rochelle Grover”. Since it found a match, the flag “Use Existing Contact” is checked automatically.

Note: If you want to add a credit card to a contact’s file in this window (or use one that is NOT on file), simply uncheck the “Use Available Credit Card” check box and you will be able to type in (or swipe) a new card for the transaction. Once you have completed the transaction, you will be prompted to add the card to the contact’s list of cards

Note: The button on the right side of the list of credit cards is a toggle that shows (or hides) credit card notes that might come in handy when selecting what card to use for a particular charge:

Note: If you wanted to use a credit card from someone NOT in your contact’s list, you would simply have to uncheck the “Use Existing Contact” checkbox and type in the information manually:

Also, if you want to use a credit card from a different contact from this client (or another client) you simply have to click the “Select From Contacts” button:

If you chose “Susan Miller”, all of her credit cards that are stored on file would appear as well as her name and address.

In this example, we will use Rochelle’s American Express credit card – the one that ends with “1001”. Select it and click the “OK” button:

That’s it!

Now, if you click the “Credit Card” tab, you will see the information regarding the transaction:

Reversing A Credit Card Charge

You can reverse any credit card charge providing the following two criteria are met:

  1. The transaction occurred on the SAME DAY as the reversal
  2. The payment amount is greater than zero (0)

If you want to reverse this charge, all you have to do is click the “Reverse Credit Card Charge” button on the bottom right of the window:

Once reversed, the “Credit Card” tab will display the previous charged information but the “Processed” checkbox will be unchecked and the “Comments” section will show a reversal comment:

Handling Returns

If you enter a NEGATIVE currency amount as a payment, Vantiv will process a RETURN as opposed to a charge:

This essentially credits the selected card the specified amount:

Note: Reversals of returns are not allowed. You will have to simply charge the same card the (positive) amount of the return:

Vantiv Interface Security

We’ve added 3 new security settings pertaining to credit card processing:

  • Processing Credit Cards
  • Processing Credit Card Reversals
  • Processing Credit Card Returns

Menu Costing Update

We’ve changed the way this utility works.

If you choose to update menu “Prices” along with “Costs” then you must select at either the following options:

Use Menu Item Markup Percent (only)
This will update the “Price” of the item based on the item’s own “Markup” percentage. (if there is none available, no price adjustment will be made)

Use Default Markup Percent (only)
This will update the “Price” of the item based on the “Default Markup Percent” that you’ve entered in the window, IGNORING the item’s own “Markup” percentage.

Use Menu Item Markup Percent & Use Default Markup Percent (both)
This will update the “Price” of the item based on the item’s own “Markup” percentage. If there is none available, the “Price” will be updated based on the “Default Markup Percent” that you’ve entered in the window.

Update Menu Pricing
This utility has been modified to work the same as the above “Update Menu Costing” utility.

Ingredient Query
We added a footer summary to the “Qty” column.