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Caterease Starts Spreadin’ the News with Automatic Information Notifications

Have you heard? Well, if the subject is the latest important Caterease information, then the answer is a resounding “Yes!” – thanks to a handy new automatic notification tool available to all Caterease users.

As users of the catering and event planning industry’s most popular software program already know, something exciting is always happening at Caterease. Whether it’s a program update with powerful new tools, an upcoming training opportunity or a host of other important topics, it seems like every week or so there’s another bit of news Caterease users want to know about. This is where the handy Caterease Information Notifications come in.

This new feature, added this month to all versions of the program, automatically prompts every user of the program whenever something important is going on.

“Like so much else in our program, this tool is based on the requests of our users,” says Chris Kopriva, Caterease Director of Sales. “More and more frequently, customers mentioned that they wanted to know more about new releases and new features available, or when a new training video was posted, etc. Now, if there’s anything important to know, they’ll learn about it the moment they open the program!”

Whenever any Caterease user opens the program, he or she can receive a notification message about the important program topics that he or she cares about. The notification can instantly take the user to the program’s “Backstage tab” which links to more information about the topic – a webpage listing new features in a recent update, a video tip about a specific program feature, details of an upcoming training class and more.

Of course, as with every other feature in this powerful and flexible program, users have the ultimate control over which notifications they want to see. “Each user can decide which topics warrant a notification,” Kopriva explains. “A simple preferences window allows a user to choose from several different topics to prompt a notification – or to decline to see notifications at all.”

With a company as progressive as Caterease Software, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all of the important news. However, the handy automatic information notification messages allow users to feel confident that they will never miss an important piece of information.

For more information, or to purchase Caterease Software, contact Caterease Sales at 800.863.1616 or sales@caterease.com.