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Caterease Software Launches Updated Training to Correspond with New Release

To coincide with the release of its powerful new update, Caterease v16, Caterease Software launched an all-new two-day training class this month at its Naples, FL corporate office. The class boasts a completely new syllabus and corresponding guidebook, and has been updated to highlight many new features available in the latest release.

“The Caterease Regional Training class has always been geared toward beginner and intermediate users,” says Elizabeth Lott, Caterease Corporate Trainer. “Obviously, the basic concepts of the program remain consistent across all new releases. However, v16 has so many powerful enhancements that blend so well with the timeless topics in the class.”

As an example, Lott points to new, time-saving menu selection tools added in the latest update. “Certainly, menu selection has always been discussed in the class. Now, however, we’ve added some great new tools available in v16 that make the process even easier.”

Other program enhancements covered in the class include new reporting and querying functionality, as well as automatic user change notifications. “Again,” Lott explains, “these concepts flow seamlessly with the basic concepts of tracking information in the program – and they also introduce students to the benefits of our newest and most state-of-the-art tools.”

In addition to new program features, the redesigned class structure rearranges the way topics are presented to encourage better understanding and retention.

“The same basic topics and concepts that have always been covered are still discussed in the class,” according to Chris Kopriva, Caterease Director of Training, “just in a different format. Where the previous class design spread certain topics out across both days, the new structure presents all information concerning each topic in a single unit or ‘chunk’. This not only lends itself to a clearer understanding of the information, but also allows the students – and their colleagues – to reference one single chapter in the guidebook to find all the details they need about a particular topic.”

Kopriva himself inaugurated the new class earlier this month with roughly twenty students from all over the country, and was very pleased with the results.

“I really feel like the information flows more smoothly with the new class format,” Kopriva says, “and I think the students in this first class had a very good level of understanding and retention. The new arrangement of topics and the new class exercises not only highlight the key program areas we’re discussing, but also keep things fresh.

“Of course,” he adds with a smile, “it helps to be training on a program that’s so user-friendly. Features are so intuitive that I’m really more of a tour guide than a trainer.”

For more information on Caterease or its upcoming training classes, contact Caterease Sales at 800.863.1616 or sales@caterease.com