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Caterease Software Changes the Game with Import Tool for Third-Party Data

Caterease Software, the leading provider of catering and event planning software worldwide, recently announced an all-new wizard tool for importing data from various third-party applications. Available in the powerful Caterease v16 release, this tool allows customers to import detailed information from former programs – or current supplemental programs such as POS systems – to compare side-by-side in Caterease reports and queries or even to convert into Caterease events.

“This one is going to be a game-changer,” says an excited Chris Kopriva, Caterease Director of Sales. “There is absolutely nothing else like this anywhere else in this industry.”

Although the Caterease team is certainly willing to do initial imports for customers, what makes this new tool unique is that customers can use it themselves – over and over – to pull external data into the program.

“Consider a couple of scenarios,” Kopriva explains. “First, imagine you’re a brand new user finally making the switch to Caterease from some other program. This tool will let you import the general event details from that old program into Caterease – so you will be able to run reports comparing the revenue since you started using Caterease to revenue in preceding months or years!

“But it goes way beyond that,” he continues. “Imagine one of your customers calls and asks to repeat a party they did with you the year before you bought Caterease. The Remote Data Manager, the tool you use to manage this imported data, will let you grab that old event – booked in a completely different software program – and use it as the basis for booking a new Caterease party!

“Now, consider a second scenario: Your company uses a POS system or similar product to manage a different facet of your business. Eventually, you will want to run reports comparing or combining revenue from that department with revenue from Caterease. This import tool can be used, over and over again, to pull data in from that external program and let you include it in Caterease queries and reports – showing details from both programs side-by-side and giving you easy answers to any questions about your business!”

The Caterease team is fond of saying that no other program on the market even comes close to theirs. With this powerful new tool, Caterease makes it easy for users of those other programs to migrate into Caterease – bringing all of their historical event revenue and other general event details with them. Game-changer, indeed!

For more information, contact Caterease Sales at 800.863.1616 or sales@caterease.com.