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Caterease-Social Tables Interface Offers Easy Event Diagramming

When it comes to planning the perfect event, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words. And with Caterease Software – the leading catering and event planning solution – creating the perfect picture is quick and easy with the dynamic Social Tables diagramming interface.

Social Tables is an online, collaborative diagramming program where event planners (and even customers!) can work together to design the layout of an event. Using the powerful interface with Caterease, these collaborative diagrams are just a mouse click away.

“Our interface with Social Tables is about as fun and easy as software integration could be,” says Chris Kopriva, Caterease Director of Sales. “Once a Caterease user has booked an event and chosen a space – using all the quick wizard tools our program provides – he or she simply clicks a button. Social Tables immediately opens, displaying the specific space and setup style called for in the Caterease event.

“Of course,” Kopriva continues, “Social Tables itself offers all the tools needed to quickly design a beautiful, custom layout of the space. The cloud-based design allows users in multiple locations to work together to create the perfect diagram – making sure absolutely nothing about the event gets overlooked.”

Once Social Tables is closed and the new diagram is saved, it is linked directly back to the original event in Caterease. That way, a Caterease user can access it again instantly and easily for future editing if necessary.

“It really is just as easy as it sounds,” Kopriva points out. “The connection is so seamless that you might not even notice there are two separate applications!”

And the result, of course, is picture-perfect – created through the cooperation of multiple people related to the event, as well as two powerful software solutions dominating the industry.