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Caterease Relocates to Private, State – of – the – Art Data Center

If only all changes were this simple and painless.

During the overnight hours of a recent Saturday night/Sunday morning, Caterease Software – the world’s most popular catering and event planning software – quietly moved all users of their hosted solution to the brand new, state-of-the-art data center located in their new corporate office building. Impressively, no one noticed a thing; indeed, the only indications anything had happened were the advanced notices Caterease sent to its customers as part of the company’s due diligence.

“To say the move went smoothly is an understatement”, says Jacob Ackerman, Caterease Director of IT. “All equipment connected smoothly, and got up and running without incident. It honestly could not have gone any better than it did.”

Of course, none of this was by accident. The recent move was the culmination of months of careful planning by Ackerman and his team. From the moment construction was completed on their new office complex, preparation began for the inevitable move of all of their servers from their previous rented location. Battery backups and generators were tested; hardware was configured; trucks were rented and a team of experts was assembled. These professionals were acutely aware that thousands of companies all over the world were depending on them; they were determined to ensure
that this move went off without a hitch.

With the move so successfully completed, the Caterease team can begin taking full advantage of the exceptional facility they have designed. Not only will the impressive array of battery backups and huge generator ensure uninterrupted power, but enhanced monitoring systems will allow the team to quickly detect even the most minor anomaly. And should any issue ever arise, Ackerman clocks the time from his desk to the heart of the data center at ten seconds or less.

“When we initially rented space at our former facility, it was the best in the area. Unfortunately, it was also about 30 minutes away. Our new space not only offers all-new, state-of-the-art equipment but also instant access. And since we own the facility, we control the environment – which means we can ensure that all systems are consistently updated and tested.”

This latest move marks the completion of the Caterease transition to their new corporate office, which began when they moved day-to-day operations into the new building last fall. Now, with the data-center migrated as well, Ackerman and the entire Caterease team are beginning another exciting new chapter in the company’s long history.

“This new building and its data-center are another turning point for us,” Ackerman points out. “This facility is without a doubt the most impressive in the industry – and another big reason why so many companies put their faith and confidence in Caterease Software.”

About Caterease Software

Caterease Software, developed by Horizon Business Services, Inc., is a comprehensive event management program unparalleled in the hospitality industry. For more than a decade, event management professionals of all sizes – from independent restaurants and caterers to large hotel chains and conference centers – have come to rely on the power and user-friendliness that Caterease is known for.

Designed in conjunction with experts in the hospitality industry, Caterease offers the perfect blend of essential features and an attractive, easy-to-use layout. With more flexibility than any other software, Caterease even allows the end user to redesign the program to perfectly fit his or her specific business needs. Caterease is truly automation made easy, and is the ideal solution for the hectic world of catering and event management.