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Caterease Introduces Powerful New Tool for Managing Clients and Events

Caterease Software did not become the most popular catering and event planning solution by accident. They have spent more than twenty-five years enhancing and improving their product, responding directly to the needs of their more than 50,000 users all over the world. Most recently, this progressive company introduced powerful new filtering tools to help users manage their growing lists of clients and events.

“It’s a natural progression,” says Chris Kopriva, Caterease Director of Sales. “Event planners use Caterease, and therefore their businesses grow. With that increased business comes the need for tools that make it easy to handle an ever-increasing volume of client and event information.”

As a response, Caterease recently introduced enhanced data filtering capabilities in areas of their program that manage clients and events.

“Imagine this,” Kopriva explains. “You as a busy caterer have a list of hundreds – or thousands – of events in your program. Now, certainly Caterease gives you several tools to track this information, and to search through all of it to find the exact records you need. But, these new filtering tools go a step further; using these tools, you can actually filter out data that you don’t need to see on a regular basis – making the information you work with every day much more manageable.

“For example”, Kopriva continues, “you could tell the program you only want to deal with parties happening during the current week. Or, if you are one of several sales reps using the program, you could tell it you only want to see your parties instead of everyone else’s. Or even a combination of the two – events during the current week that are specifically in your name! Every time you open Event Manager – the area of the program where you manage these parties – all you see are the records you want to see. Of course, you can clear that filter whenever you want – or even open a second Event Manager to look for records that take place on other dates or for other reps. Just think of the convenience!”

In addition to saving filters on event information, Caterease users can filter out their client records, as well. “If you as a rep only deal with corporate customers, for example”, Kopriva suggests, “you could set your Account Manager up so every time you open it you see those specific records. These powerful new tools make it incredibly easy to keep your focus where you want it to be – no matter how large your database of information might grow!”

For smaller businesses and those just getting started in the catering and event planning industry, Kopriva has a helpful tip as well. “Don’t forget”, he says, “all of our customers were small businesses once upon a time. The great thing about Caterease is that we have versions to fit any size operation – and the program will continue to grow with you!”

For more information, or for a demonstration of Caterease Software, contact Caterease Sales at 800.863.1616 or sales@caterease.com.