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Caterease Introduces Interface with AllSeated Diagramming Software

Caterease Software, the industry-leading catering and event planning solution, announced this week a powerful new interface with AllSeated diagramming software. Available with the upcoming Caterease v16 release, this interface allows users to seamlessly create floor plans for their various Caterease events.

“AllSeated has definitely become an extremely popular product”, says Chris Kopriva, Caterease Director of Sales. “This interface has been in high demand with many of our users.”

In true Caterease fashion, the new interface is elegantly simple – requiring very little effort on the part of the end user.

“As with everything we do, we have streamlined and simplified the user’s experience,” Kopriva points out. “First of all, you can establish a default AllSeated venue within your Caterease program. This is incredibly useful for on-site caterers, because it eliminates the need to search for your venue each time you create a new floor plan.

“Additionally,” Kopriva continues, “Off-site caterers can link an AllSeated venue with each of their default site locations. Again, this is a great time-saver when using the same list of locations over and over.”

Of course, using the interface itself is also completely seamless. Once a Caterease user has booked an event, he or she simply clicks the AllSeated button right on the Caterease screen. After confirming the AllSeated venue selection is correct, Caterease will automatically open AllSeated and create the new diagram.

“Creating a detailed floor plan using the Caterease-AllSeated interface is incredibly easy,” Kopriva says. “And after the floor plan is created, it is linked back to the party in Caterease – so it can be retrieved and edited again with just a mouse click!”

The Caterease-AllSeated interface lets today’s busy caterers combine two popular software programs into one powerful solution. For more information, contact Caterease Sales at 800.863.1616 or sales@caterease.com.