Caterease Connect Update

The next Caterease Connect update is scheduled for next Monday (June 17th). Please be aware of all the changes.

The next Caterease Connect update is scheduled for next Monday (June 17th).

Event Costing Summary
We’ve changed this utility/report, adding three different ways to calculate costing percentages. You can now see the cost as a percentage of the event’s Subtotal, Cost or Profit. These percentages extend to the Event Costing Summary Report.

Menu Item Prep Time
We’ve added a new field in your Menu Manager called “Prepare”. You can now establish a time to “Prepare” for each menu item. From the “Miscellaneous” tab of your “Global Settings” window, you can choose what time your Prep Time is based on. In your Food/Service query results, you will see a new calculable field called “Prep Time” which subtracts an item’s “Prepare” time from whatever “Base Time” you have selected in your settings.

Ingredient Query
We’ve added the ingredient “Cost” field to the results of the query. It is calculated by taking the procurement cost and unit of the ingredient and extrapolating a cost for the serving unit and multiplying that by the quantity.

Scheduled Shifts Report
We’ve added a “Sort By” option in the Scheduled Shifts report. The report is FIRST sorted by any grouped field and then by the chosen “Sort By” field.

Smart Hints
We’re introducing the concept of “Smart Hints” in this build. A “smart hint” is a little message that pops up for a couple seconds when a window opens to letter the user know something germane to that window. If you DO NOT want to see “Smart Hints”, simply turn them off in your preferences window.

CurrencyCalc Merge Fields
We’ve dramatically improved the flexibility of our “CurrencyCalc” merge fields. Now you can apply any financial field, any mathematical operation to any other field or number.

The syntax is as follows
[CurrencyCalc:Field or Number,Math Operation,Field or Number]

For Example:
[CurrencyCalc:Total,-,Taxes] – the resulting field will be the “Total” minus “Taxes”
[CurrencyCalc:Paid,*,.15] – the resulting field will be the “Paid” multiplied by “.15”
[CurrencyCalc:25,/,5] – the resulting field will be the “25” divided by “5”

Optional Fields Include:
• Subtotal
• Gratuity
• ServChg
• Taxes
• Total
• Paid
• Balance
• Cost
• Profit

Optional Math Operations Include:
• +
• –
• /
• *

Possible Numbers Include whole numbers or decimals, positive or negative values
• 100.00
• 100
• .15
• -100.15

IT DOES NOT INCLUDE inline math such as 100-15 (it would interpret this as 10,015.

The program still supports the old syntax:

Guestrooms Merge Table
We’ve added a new merge table in the “Document Builder”. The Guestrooms Merge Table provides users of the Guestrooms Manager to print their Guestrooms in a table format.

We’ve added a setting called “Always Tax SC & Gratuity”. In addition to adding this new setting, we have moved all calculation related settings into two new categories:
• Tax Calculations
• Discount Calculations

What this “Always Tax Serv Chg & Gratuity” setting does is a bit nuanced. Assume that you have a Food/Service item in an event that is set to “No Tax” AND you also have your event Service Charge or Gratuity set to be Taxed. If the “Always Tax Serv Chg & Gratuity” is set, a tax calculated on the item’s Gratuity or Service Charge. If it is NOT SET, no tax will be calculated.