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Caterease Announces Online Ordering with Zuppler Interface

Caterease, the leading provider of catering and event planning software worldwide, recently announced its exciting new interface with Zuppler Online Ordering. Through this powerful interface, Caterease users can allow their customers to enter their own orders online with the user-friendly, attractive Zuppler online ordering tool – and then have those orders automatically submitted into the event professional’s Caterease program.

“This is such a huge opportunity for our users,” says Chris Kopriva, Caterease Director of Sales. “In today’s world, online ordering is a major revenue generator. And having those orders sent
directly into Caterease saves tons of time and eliminates the possibility of costly mistakes!”

The Caterease interface itself is powerful yet typically intuitive. Users choose which menu items they want to publish online to Zuppler – and can update that list at any time. Consumers visit a restaurant’s or caterer’s website and choose to place an order – entering any applicable information (date, time, menu items) etc. The details for both the client and the order are then sent directly to the caterer’s Caterease program, where it can be reviewed and optionally accepted by the end user.

“Although the process is completely effortless on the part of the Caterease user, he or she still retains total control,” Kopriva points out. When seeking an online ordering partner, Caterease zeroed in on the Zuppler product for several reasons. “What immediately attracted us was the user-friendly design”, says Amy Hatfield, coordinator of Caterease Partnership Development. “At Caterease, we take great pride in our program’s attractiveness and ease of use, and we expect the same from our product partners. Zuppler offers that in spades!”

Of course, like Caterease itself, the Zuppler online ordering tool is much more than just a pretty face. “Zuppler offers our users all the tools they need to engage fully in the online ordering marketplace,” Hatfield continues. “Dashboard analytics, credit card processing, responsive design for mobile devices – Zuppler definitely has the power to satisfy our discerning Caterease users
, while keeping the process of actually booking an order simple.”

For the Zuppler team, working with restaurants and caters is certainly nothing new. “We have 5000-plus restaurants and caterers in our system,” says Jake Wallace, Zuppler Director of Strate
gic Partnerships. “We enable consumers to order food from their preferred restaurants and caterers using any device via the business’ branded website or mobile app.”

Wallace and the entire Zuppler team are excited about their new relationship with Caterease. “It’s a partnership that makes sense”, Wallace explains.

About Caterease Software

Caterease Software, developed by Horizon Business Services, Inc., is a comprehensive event management program unparalleled in the hospitality industry. For more than a decade, event management professionals of all sizes – from independent restaurants and caterers to large hotel chains and conference centers – have come to rely on the power and user – friendliness that Caterease is known for.

Designed in conjunction with experts in the hospitality industry, Caterease offers the perfect blend of essential features and an attractive, easy-to-use layout. With more flexibility than any other software, Caterease even allows the end user to redesign the program to perfectly fit his or her specific business needs. Caterease is truly automation made easy, and is the ideal solution for the hectic world of catering and event management.