Banquet Halls
From banquet room management to equipment tracking and beautiful, custom print creation – only Caterease lets you manage all the needs of your business without sacrificing anything. Seamlessly organize all the moving parts of even the most complex events, and ensure that absolutely nothing is overlooked.

Banquet Halls That Use Caterease

Caterease Features That Are Perfect For Banquet Halls

Wizard-Driven Event Booking
Book new parties quickly and easily with a handy, customizable step-by-step wizard.
Banquet Rooms Management
Track banquet room usage and availability, with selection wizards matching parties with the best venue and warning of any potential conflicts.
Prospective Lead Management
Easily manage your prospective leads through your sales cycle, generating batch emails and monitoring all correspondences.
Staff Management
Easily manage shifts and staff for any event, with selection wizards tracking how many employees are necessary and which ones are available.
Web Lead Capture
Allow customers to quickly book parties and submit information online, with completely custom web forms that live on your company’s website.
Customer Portals
Let your customers review party details, post payments and communicate directly with you and your team through a handy, easy-to-use web portal.
Tera Greenwood
Service Systems Associate

Caterease offers all the tools we need to build proposals, beo’s, contracts, invoices, etc. It helps us to manage our financial viability with the reporting tools it offers as well as protecting new clients. Caterease offers ongoing training and new tips to maximize the program to its fullest potential. I would recommend Caterease to any company offering catering services from an off-site caterer to any on-site facility.

Redstone Credit Union Logo
Charlene Porter
Redstone Federal Credit Union®

“We are so appreciative of the Caterease help team for being so responsive every time we email in!!! Thank you for all you do!”

Deborah Shipley
Tulane University Hospital

“Caterease is one of the most user-friendly softwares out there, and I’ve looked at a lot of them. It gives you a lot of flexibility that you don’t get with other programs and it is always improving with each upgrade.”

Rich Jacobs
Remington Hotels

“Caterease is the most versatile, user-friendly software I’ve ever used. It’s organized my department wonderfully and made keeping track of our menu items and accounts receivables a dream. Caterease is responsible for making our department run like clockwork and helping my staff to do their work in a fraction of the time it use to take. The menus and reports are outstanding. We’ve found that the program is extremely flexible and, with every upgrade, we have more power to streamline our operation. In addition, the technical support staff is always courteous and helpful.”

testimonial-team (Demo)
Marketing Manager

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Bridget Wagner
Blue Ribbon Restaurants

Caterease is an essential part of building catering sales. The ability to customize prints, menus, and events is a must for both small and large scale caterers. We would recommend Caterease to anyone looking to develop their sales process and deliver an efficient catering service.

Wendy Gates
Commonwealth Caterers

“…with regard to Caterease and the customer service we receive, I can tell you that it is outstanding. It is very easy to get support on the phone and via e-mail. In today’s world, you typically do not get the level of attention you get from Caterease. Our issues, if there are any, are handled in a timely and professional manner. We highly recommend the program.”

Shirley Barnes
Kimble’s Events by Design

“We have received and installed our new Caterease program and we Love it!! Thank you so much for your hard work and diligence in our decision to purchase. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to excel in Event Planning & Scheduling. It is the best. Thanks…”

testimonial-team (Demo)
Marketing Manager

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Tim Garner
Cuomo Catering

“I think that Caterease handles everything wonderfully, and allows us to show everything to a customer in a way that is easy to understand.”

Toby Finch
Happy Day Catering

“I am impressed with all of the things you have thought of – it appears that someone on your team has done a lot of catering. Just when I don’t think you have a solution for my problem I stumble onto it some where in the program.”

Ken E. Barrett
Cafe Iz

“I love this software! I did not even use the manual for the most part and am already booking events, and changing print designs.”

Fab Ballossini
Holiday Inn St. Louis Airport

Our team loves the phone app!

Shannon Connolly
Chesapeake Inn Restaurant & Marina

“Caterease is the perfect solution for a restaurant group that has several different concepts, private event spaces, and other revenue streams. It has tremendously improved communication with our clients and employees throughout all restaurants. We highly recommend it to any hospitality business, big or small.”

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